Tattoo Ideas For Men You Won’t Want To Miss

Tattoo Ideas For Men You Won’t Want To Miss

Thinking about booking an appointment to a local tattoo studio? You’ve certainly come to the right place! Whether you’re deciding on your very first piece of wearable ink or you’re an avid tattoo collector itching to get your next addition, you’ll be able to easily book a tattoo appointment on Booksy. Not sure what kind of tattoo to get? Check out our favorite tattoo ideas for men to take inspiration from.

Leg placement

The legs are one of the hottest placement options for men’s tattoos, especially if you’re looking for an area of the body that won’t be exposed year-round.

Simple linework

With linework, you can easily achieve a simple and no-frills work of art that perfectly suits both big and small tattoo ideas for men.

Extra detailed

On the other hand, if linework seems a little too straightforward, go for some intricate tattoo designs that will make your ink stand out.

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Bright hues

Don’t be afraid to add some color! Tattoos for men done using colored ink can give your body art a whole new level of vibrancy.


There are nearly countless styles of tattoo designs for men, but one of the most popular ones is portraiture, which can give your tat an ultra-lifelike look.

Chest piece

One option for edgy and cool tattoos is tattooing across the chest—and not to mention it’s the ideal placement for a larger piece of art.

Complementary duo

Meaningful tattoos that you’ll be able to cherish forever are matching tats with your sibling, significant other, parent, or friend.

Words and numbers

When it comes to simple tattoo ideas, you can’t go wrong with an inked-up version of your favorite quote, saying, or even lucky number.

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