The Best Tattoo Ideas For Women

The Best Tattoo Ideas For Women

You’ve mulled over the decision, researched some great artists, and maybe already have your sights set on a local studio that you’d like to visit—all that’s left is finding the perfect tattoo for you! In the end, it’s all about style and personal preference, but if you’re not sure where to start looking for ink inspo that speaks to you, glance over our brief guide of women’s tattoo ideas that’ll get you ready for your tattoo appointment.

Small and delicate

If you’re not looking for a tattoo that’s too involved, opt for some small tattoo ideas and have your artist design a piece featuring uncomplicated and clean linework.

Matching set

Get tattoos for two! Matching tattoo sets done with your best friend, sibling, parent, or partner are one of the hottest ideas when it comes to tattoos for women.

Peekaboo tattoo

Prefer your ink to be hidden away for the most part? Choose an area of your body that usually remains either fully or partially covered by clothing—this option is ideal for ribcage, chest, and even leg tattoos.

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Half sleeve

Tattoos are cool to begin with but getting a half sleeve is a top choice for cool tattoos that make a statement—and the great thing about a half sleeve is, it can eventually be turned into a full sleeve over time if you choose to go that route.

Full color

Black and gray tattoos are a classic look, but you can bring some brightness into your inked up aesthetic with some colorful tattoo designs.

Adorned hands

Decorating your hands (or digits) is a unique and currently trending placement option for women’s tattoos.

Words and lettering

Take inspiration from your favorite quote, saying, or mantra if you’re into simple tattoo ideas that center around lettering and text.

Focal point

Go big or go home, they say. For truly captivating, wearable artwork, pick a substantially sized design as your centerpiece.

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