Skincare Routine To Have Hands Like A Hand Model

Skincare Routine To Have Hands Like A Hand Model

This may not be obvious at first, but we do, in fact, work with our hands everyday. Anything from so-called paperwork, through typing away on our keyboards, to various kinds of physical work. That’s why your everyday hand skincare routine should be more than just washing and applying lotion before bed. Proper hand care should help your skin stay healthy and smooth. 

What’s more, proper hand skincare should effectively protect your hands from premature aging and external factors. Our hands start to age, starting from when we enter our thirties. Also, different seasons and temperatures additionally impact the skin on our hands. Essentially, there are a lot of elements that influence our hands, many of which we don’t necessarily think about. 

hand skincare routine

Take a look at the ingredients

The first step in proper hand skincare is defining what type your skin is. Depending on whether it’s more dry, you should look for creams based on glycerin or sorbitol. Such lotions will improve the hydration of your skin and prevent it from drying out. This happens by binding and retaining water on the skin surface.

Lotions that contain retinol and vitamin E, combined with collagen, strengthen the skin and have anti-wrinkle properties. They can also reduce and smooth out the already existing wrinkles. You’ll want to check if among the ingredients are also lanolin and D-Panthenol. They’ll moisturize, smooth, and brighten your skin.

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At-home protection

Before you start cleaning your home, check if you have rubber or latex gloves to protect your hands. Rubber will be better for those allergic to latex. Usually, rubber gloves are lined with cotton on the inside, so they shouldn’t cause irritation. If you don’t have gloves, take some extra time to prepare your hands and nails for the job. Coat your nails with a nail strengthener, as it will protect your nails while you’re doing your chores. You can also put a little olive oil under your fingernails.

You should also take a look at the way you wash your hands. If you’re not washing them after you’ve just come back from the store, in which case you’ll use hot water, you should opt for a mild temperature of around 70 degrees. Dry your hands very gently with a towel, pressing and not rubbing it. The skin on our hands doesn’t react well to vigorous rubbing. You should also thoroughly dry the spaces between your fingers. After washing your hands, apply lotion dedicated to hands and nails.

At-home hand protection

Home skin care methods


One way to give your hands that extra care is to treat them to weekly salt scrubs. The great thing here is that you can do this at home. What you’ll want to do is mix a tablespoon of olive oil with a tablespoon of salt. Next, rub this mixture into your skin until the salt begins to dissolve. Then thoroughly wash your hands and cover them with water and lemon juice in a 1:1 ratio. After washing your hands, dry them carefully and apply a moisturizing cream. This treatment will smooth your skin and make it more elastic.

Hand mask

It’s best to apply a mask to your hands just before you go to sleep. This will allow all the good elements to absorb well into your skin. You should massage the mask into your hands and then allow the rest to absorb naturally. Next, you’ll want to put on cotton gloves as the heat will help the nutrients better penetrate your skin. If you have really dry skin, repeat this treatment everyday for at least a week. This will soothe your skin and make it in visibly better shape.


You can become your very own masseuse even while you’re rubbing lotion into your hands. You should massage each finger individually, gently pressing it, and then massaging it with the back of your hand. You’ll want to repeat the massage a few times, each time changing the hand. Such a massage will also improve blood circulation. This will allow your skin to regain its natural color. In addition, your joints will become more flexible and won’t stiffen so easily during work.


If you’re dealing with thick cuticles, moisten them frequently with olive oil. This will hydrate them properly and prevent them from tearing. When shaping your nails, opt for using a paper file and remember to always file in one direction. End your manicure with applying a strengthener to your nails. This will protect them from harmful external factors. 

Home skin care methods

These hand care methods are easy and can be performed at home anytime. They only require a little attention and discipline. For some people these basic steps will be enough, while others will prefer to go to a professional beauty salon. In such a case, remember, Booksy is always at your fingertips in case you’ll need to book an appointment!

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