Men’s Hair Removal: Everything You Need to Know About Male Waxing

Men’s Hair Removal: Everything You Need to Know About Male Waxing

Hair removal, especially waxing, used to be a typically women-only thing. Today, with more and more men truly caring about their appearance, this has begun to change. Now seeing a man go to a salon for a waxing appointment is nothing out of the ordinary, with a male wax becoming a standard service in beauty salons. Men’s hair removal is finally starting to come out of the shadows.

Why do men get waxed and why should you consider it as well?

A smooth, hair-free chest is something we are seeing more and more of, from athletes, through actors, to celebrities on Instagram. With such a trend, it’s no wonder then that many men have started viewing a waxed chest as a must. For others, chest hair removal or back hair removal  is simply a convenience and a way to maintain proper hygiene.

Having an excessive amount of hair can be annoying, especially during warmer months. Even with a proper hygiene routine, staying smelly-free can prove to be a challenge. Hence, many men opt for waxing. Hair-free body parts can produce a less intense smell after becoming sweaty.

On the other side of this discussion is a completely aesthetic argument. Have you ever talked to your partner about their preferences? While you shouldn’t of course decide on anything based on your partner’s whim, you may consider taking that extra care of your male parts for their comfort.

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Finally, an argument that should sway any person–getting waxed can boost your confidence! The funny thing here is that many men feel embarrassed to get waxed, so overcoming this anxiety can also provide you with extra courage. 

Why do men get waxed and why should you consider it as well?

Why choose waxing over other ways of men’s hair removal?

Yes, getting waxed isn’t one of the most pleasant experiences, but trust us, it’s something you can get used to. It does, however, come with its fair share of pros. The biggest one is that you can decide on waxing no matter your hair type or color. Waxing will be equally effective for those with brighter and thinner hair, as for those with darker and thicker hair. 

Another argument for waxing is that it allows you to forget about hair removal for a much longer time than if you only shave. Additionally, shaving can cause constant skin irritation, not to mention you can always accidentally cut yourself with a razor.

Finally, waxing is a great in-between of shaving and getting a laser hair removal treatment. You can stop waxing at any time if you want to, or you can continue it until you decide for something more permanent. 

Which body parts can you get waxed? 

Actually, it would be easier to pose the question “Which body parts can’t you get waxed?” For example, on your face you can get your brows waxed, your nose, and even your cheeks. Going down you can go for back hair removal or chest hair removal. You can wax your armpits, your legs, and finally, you can choose hair removal for men’s privates

Which body parts can you get waxed?

How can you prepare before your first wax appointment?

This needs to be underlined–proper hygiene. Give your beautician the courtesy and don’t come in all sweaty after the entire day, smelling like old laundry. Keep away from using any lotion, whether on your body or on your face, depending what area you are going to get waxed. 

If you’re going to get waxed on your body, not just your face, you should consider wearing loose clothing, whether a T-shirt or pants. This way you won’t feel uncomfortable rubbing after your appointment. 

What does proper aftercare look like and how long will waxing effects last?

For the next 24 to 48 hours, depending on what body part you got waxed, you’ll want to avoid getting sweaty and avoid sun exposure. If you’ve just had hair removed from your private parts, you’ll want to avoid sexual activities for that time as well.

Remember, moisturizing is even more important after getting waxed, you’ll want to do it every day. To avoid annoying ingrown hairs, you should also exfoliate two or three times a week after showering.

As for the effects, we mentioned earlier that each person has a different hair growth cycle. However, typically you should remain hair-free for anything between four to eight weeks.

What does proper aftercare look like and how long will waxing effects last?

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