Sweating Too Much? Tips On How To Survive The Summer

Sweating Too Much? Tips On How To Survive The Summer

While sweating is a natural process that allows our body to regulate its temperature, it still does make us often feel uncomfortable. Excessive sweating can happen especially during the summer. When heat levels rise outside many people start looking for ways to fight perspiration. If you are among those souls, read on to check out how to handle excessive sweating

Sweating in the summer

Sweat consists in 98% of water and in the remaining 2% of other elements (including salt, potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium). However, the composition of your sweat may change. This usually happens when sweating is the result of exercise or stress

In the summer, sweat is the result of your body regulating its temperature. It’s practically odorless and if the perspiration isn’t excessive, it rarely causes problems. Unfortunately, sweat is also a great habitat for bacteria. They feed on it and break it down which results in a bad smell. An unpleasant smell paired with wet clothes can definitely make you uncomfortable.

You would think that deodorants are a good remedy. In fact, they only help cover up the unpleasant smell, they don’t prevent perspiration. However, with demand came supply. Today there is truly a myriad of different types of products designed to cool the body. The most popular ones are those with menthol, eucalyptus extract, or peppermint oil. As they were formulated to stimulate cold receptors, the result is a feeling of a slight chill. 

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Companies also came up with a clever idea to trick our sense of smell. They use plant and fruit oils to influence the senses, giving you the feeling of refreshment. 

Sweating in the summer

Get your cool in the morning

A great way to begin your day, especially during those hot summer months, is with a cool shower. Next, instead of reaching for coffee, opt for lukewarm mint tea. 

In the evening also go for a cool shower. We know, many of us love to soak in a bathtub after a long day, but trust us, a shower will bring you more relief. In the summer choose mint or citrus shower gels. Your shampoo should also have some kind of refreshing ingredients. At the end of your shower, reduce the water temperature. Being under cooler water will not only make you feel refreshed, but it can also boost your immune system and improve blood flow.

After leaving such a shower it’s best to dry the body with a towel by patting your skin (without rubbing). Next, reach for a lotion that has menthol, this will leave a pleasant feeling of coolness on your skin.

With a little bit of help

In drugstores, we can find various deodorants which contain ingredients that limit the development of bacteria on the skin. Additionally, enriched with fragrances, they mask any unpleasant smell. 

The main ingredient of antiperspirants are alkaline aluminum salts. They’re a good option as they don’t irritate the skin or clog pores, only narrow them. The result is an effective reduction in sweat secretion. Unfortunately, most of these types of products also contain ethyl alcohol. This means that those with sensitive skin may not be able to use those antiperspirants. Thankfully, companies didn’t forget about people with sensitive skin. 

Deodorants dedicated for sensitive skin contain volatile silicones and soothing substances instead of alcohol. Talc is also a common ingredient in antiperspirants. It absorbs sweat and neutralizes its smell. Additionally, it dries the skin, which effectively reduces the conditions for the growth of bacteria.

For many of us a standard deodorant will do the trick, even on hot summer days. However, if you have problems with excessive sweating, an antiperspirant is a better option. Although most of them do not have fragrances, they effectively protect against sweat. 

Don’t forget that both deodorants and antiperspirants should be applied to clean and dry skin!

With a little bit of help

What more can you do

Apart from the aforementioned tips, there are a few more things that can help you keep your cool in the summer:

  • Wear loose clothes, preferably made of cotton or linen
  • Choose open-toed shoes and allow your feet to breathe
  • Don’t forget to drink water! Add mint leave and citruses for additional refreshment
  • In the morning, opt for mint tea instead of coffee

Finally, if these tips and tricks are still not enough, consider visiting a specialist for a consultation.

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