Maskne: Tips and Treatments

Maskne: Tips and Treatments

Ever since protective masks have entered our everyday lives, one thing has become clear–our skin definitely isn’t a fan. And although there is no doubt that wearing masks is necessary for safety, wearing them, unfortunately, can get annoying. Apart from the plain discomfort, there’s also another prevalent problem: maskne.

You would think that a mask made of cotton or some other decent material shouldn’t have such a bad effect on your skin. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. While the skin on our body is used to being clothed, the skin on our face is not. As a result, wearing a material on your face can trigger different reactions—including pimples.

So, let’s talk about what you can do at home to combat that.

So, what actually causes maskne?

If we’re going to talk about maskne, first, we should talk about what causes its formation. This comes from two factors. One includes the additional friction from the mask. It can dry out your skin and cause irritation, and in effect, increases the production of sebum and sweat.

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Second, the heightened humidity (coming from your breath) incites the growth of bacteria under the mask. So, underneath your mask, you’ve got sweat and humidity that can’t be avoided. These conditions are a blemish playground.

example of possible maskne conditions

How do you combat maskne with your skincare routine?

You might not think so, but a simple skincare routine works wonders, especially when we’re dealing with maskne.

What you’ll want to do first is take a look at what products you use and the list of ingredients. Seriously—if you’re not looking at what’s in your products, you won’t know what’s going on your skin.

For instance, if you’re looking at your cleanser, search for the classic acne-fighting ingredients. Salicylic acid and retinoids. Retinoids are derived from vitamin A, and is essential for cell regeneration. Salicylic acid helps to shed dead skin.

You may see a lot of home remedies on TikTok and Instagram, and the ingredients list may contain household plants, like avocado or lemon. Our advice is to ask an esthetician. Most skincare experts will advise against using food preparation as cosmetic preparation, so be sure to be educated about what you’re using.

Work cleansers into your routine slowly, so you know what works and what doesn’t. Remember, it usually takes your skin about 30 days to get used to a product!

person washing face

What treatments can I get at a salon to help fight maskne?

Visiting an esthetician or spa and getting a facial treatment can really aid in fighting against maskne. Before you get your treatment, make sure you consult with your service provider. Mention your current skincare routine and what concerns you’ll like to target with your service.

A provider will give you the right advice, provide actionable tips to improve your at-home routine, and make sure your treatments help you reach your skincare goals.

You’ll want to focus on two types of treatments. Ones that are for cleansing, and those that are tailored your skin type. It may range from combination to oily, or even acne prone. Let’s talk about what the different cleansing types look like.

Deep cleansing facial

Sometimes, going for a classic may truly be the best and safest option. With your pores screaming to high heavens after a day under the mask, giving them a deep cleansing may just be what you (and they) need.

This type of facial is essentially a multi-step skin treatment. In most cases, it will include cleansing, a face mask, and some kind of exfoliating serum. Its goal is to deeply clean pores by drawing out impurities, oil buildup, toxins, dirt, and bacteria.

The next step will be to gently exfoliate your skin to remove the dead cells. As a final step, the beautician will provide your skin with some much-needed moisturizing. This type of facial, whether with an esthetician or at home, should definitely become part of your skincare routine if you’re fighting acne or maskne.

Based on skin type

When it comes to salon treatments by skin type, there are truly a lot of options you can choose from. Arguably, the best way to find a treatment suited for your skin is to have a consultation with a skincare expert. With this choice, a professional takes a detailed, educated look at your skin and identify what products and treatments can help you most.

Once your skin therapist identifies your skin type, they can choose from various treatments that will be tailored to your skin goals. Additionally, they will show you how to continue care at home.

skincare advice

Booking a skincare appointment

If you’ve decided it’s time to get some professional help in fighting maskne, don’t forget that Booksy’s here for you! Visit our website or open our app and book an online appointment for that facial right now. After all, you deserve it. And sometimes, you need some extra help outside of your home.

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