What Causes Cellulite And How Can I Fight It?

What Causes Cellulite And How Can I Fight It?

For most of us cellulite is this little annoyance that often makes us doubt whether we can wear those cute shorts we’re dying to buy. We’re all for body positivity, but for some of us, having cellulite is a reason for lowered self confidence. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the appearance of cellulite, or even get rid of it entirely. So what is cellulite and how can we make it go away? Here are some questions, answers, and tips!

What is cellulite and is there more than one kind?

As there can be various reasons for the appearance of this skin issue, there is more than one type of cellulite. Most commonly, the classification distinguishes three types of cellulite:

Soft cellulite–one of the easier types to treat, soft cellulite appears mostly around the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and upper arm area. It tends to develop with increased weight and is associated with saggy skin.

Hard cellulite–this so-called “compact” type of cellulite is a result of years of accumulation. Here the skin is dimpled and deep depressions are visible. Sometimes it can also be painful to the touch. 

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Edematous cellulite–most often appearing on the legs, this type of cellulite is caused by improper blood circulation and fluid retention. It tends to be accompanied by swelling with the skin having a sort of spongy feel. 

What is cellulite and is there more than one kind?

What causes cellulite?

Before you start treating your skin, take a step back and try to assess what is the cause of cellulite in your case. Among the most common reasons are:

Not getting enough exercise

Lack of exercise, sitting at a desk the entire day, and not moving too much are factors that can cause various health issues, as well as cellulite. Even though slim and fit people also can have this type of skin issues, those that have poor dietary and exercise habits are more likely to struggle with cellulite.

Bad dietary habits

Another cause of cellulite can be a diet rich in carbohydrates and low in nutrients. To keep your body and skin healthy, you should have a balanced and varied diet. You need to throw in some vegetables (like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots) and fruit (kiwi, apple, grapefruit, pomelo). On the other hand, you should avoid certain ingredients and elements in excess, like salt, sugar, or white bread. Try out whole grain or rye bread instead. Foods that feature anti-cellulite properties also include oatmeal, buckwheat, eggs, and brown rice. If you’re struggling with cellulite, consider adding them to your menu. 

When it comes to edematous cellulite, one of the reasons for the accumulation of excess water in the body may be poor water intake. If you’re not drinking enough water, fluids will have a harder time going through your body. According to experts we should drink around eight 8-ounce glasses of non-carbonated mineral water a day.

Bad dietary habits


Hormonal imbalance affects the permeability of blood and lymph vessels, which is very often associated with the formation of cellulite. Oftentimes,  taking hormonal contraception can also cause cellulite to appear


What has been discovered is that you need certain genes for cellulite development. Hence, if your mother doesn’t have cellulite, you eat clean and exercise, there’s a strong chance you won’t get cellulite. On the other hand, if our mother, grandmother, or aunt struggles with cellulite, there is a very high probability that we will also have a problem with it.

How to get rid of cellulite?

Of course, the first step in fighting cellulite is developing good dietary habits, drinking plenty of water, and exercising regularly. Additionally, you can help speed up the process in some other ways, at home or at a beauty salon. 

At home, you can opt for using a scrub on the affected areas of your body. You can buy a dedicated product, or make coffee scrub by yourself. All you’ll need to do is pour warm water over grounded coffee and add lotion, coconut oil, or shower gel. Next, apply the scrub to your skin and massage it. 

Another way you can fight cellulite is by massaging your skin, just with your hands, or with special brushes. Massages help get rid of cellulite as they improve blood circulation and increase lymph flow.

Finally, you can try using body firming creams and lotions. They won’t eliminate the issue if you only use them, but they can smooth out the skin a bit.

If you’re struggling with cellulite remember–most of us had, have, or are going to have cellulite as well. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s just an element of our body. Try healthy ways of getting rid of cellulite, but don’t let it overwhelm you and your life.

How to get rid of cellulite?

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