Traveling Beauty Routine: Your Toolkit on the Go

Traveling Beauty Routine: Your Toolkit on the Go

Traveling is one of the best parts of the season. It’s the time when you get to let your hair down, be spontaneous, and enjoy a place different from your own. Whether you travel when it’s hot or cold, these tips you can carry with your travel bag. Here’s 4 essential steps for your traveling beauty routine. Ready to jet-set?

1. Regard the climate you’re visiting.

When you’re traveling, especially to a different part of the world, make sure you know about the climate. You might be used to the climate where you live now, but you (and your skin) are going to have to readjust to the change in temperature, humidity, and weather patterns.

So, what does this mean for your traveling beauty routine? For starters, only pack what you know will survive the flight. If you’re not sure if your product or its packaging can withstand the cold temperatures of the airport, or a different climate when you land, go for another option.

Additionally, you might have to change up your beauty routine. If you’re able, ask your service providers for their opinion of proper maintenance while you’re away. Of course, in a pinch, there’s no harm in doing research to find out how you might react to varying climates. 

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For instance, you might look up how to maintain dry hair in extreme temperatures, or how to keep skin properly treated in the same conditions. This’ll save you from doing reversal work back home (and over-editing pictures).

2. Get products that are travel-friendly.

When you’re at the airport, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than looking at a full-size product getting thrown away because it doesn’t meet traveling guidelines. To save yourself the heartache, make sure your products meet the rules. 

Let’s say you absolutely can’t part with your jumbo-sized bottle of cologne. If that’s true, transfer enough for your trip into a travel-sized, clear container and make sure it’s sealed. Problem solved!

Another way to take your routine safely on the go is to find products that have multiple uses in your time of need. For example, Milk Cosmetics offers a mini cheek and lip stain in one. It’s pretty handy, and the color is adorable. Additionally, you can use face products, like bronzer, for contouring, or eyeshadow as blush. Just make sure to apply with tools so you don’t transfer bacteria.

Someone consolidating traveling products

3. Be mindful of styling tools internationally.

Visiting a different country is a little different from domestic trips. For instance, there might be extra sets of rules to keep in account. Some places don’t allow styling tools with large voltages, for instance. Or in other cases, would require a converter and adapter to work. 

So before you pack your curling wand, make sure it fits regulations, or you have the proper additions to use them. Alternatively, prepare for a scenario where you can’t use your tools. Your traveling beauty routine might look a little different than what you’re used to, but if you have some heatless hairstyles up your sleeve, it’ll be a life-saver. 

4. Use makeup that won’t break.

This is another thing to watch out for when packing valuables. It’s best to stay away from makeup that can easily spill or break, like liquid products and powder-based palettes. If you’ve ever been there, you know what I’m talking about—the horror of opening your makeup bag to find out your bronzer is a casualty. 

In this instance, go for cream-based products. The thick formula won’t break about during turbulence, and it won’t leak for the same reason. Luckily, there’s so many options out there (in mini-sizes!), so you’ll be covered for your trip.  

Someone using makeup that doesn't break while traveling.

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