Summer Travel Tips

Summer Travel Tips

After the year we’ve had, chances are you can’t wait to continually be out and about this summer. Warm weather, hot sun and chlorine may sound like 3 things on your agenda for the next few months—and they should be! But not without taking the right steps to take care of your body. Here are our favorite summer travel tips and tricks for a fun, safe time when you travel.

Three Little Letters with a Big Impact: SPF

Just because you’re not throwing your bathing suit on and going to sit in the sun for hours doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have sunscreen on your mind almost every day. Take a look at your every day moisturizer. It may include something like SPF 15, but that’s not enough strength for the ultraviolet rays, no matter where you are. Try to lather up with at least 30 SPF when you know you’ll be outside for a good chunk of the day. 

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Beachgoers protecting themselves from the sun.

Skin: The Dry to Oily Pendulum

Of course, when we talk about summer travel tips, we have to talk about flying. Did you know that flying on airplanes seriously dehydrates you? It’s no shocker this is the case when you’re sitting down for an extended period of time, but this dehydration transfers to your skin, too. The cold and recycled air does us no favors, and as a result, our skin produces oily substances to counteract that.

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So how do we prepare for this dry-to-oily battle our skin has with itself? The night before you fly, make sure not to skip the moisture step in your routine. Give the skin the goodness it needs to try and stay plump during your journey. Pack oil pads in your carry on and be sure to blot (not wipe!) the oil away as you feel your skin compensate. Blotting helps to just get the oil away, not your moisturizer. 

Getting monthly facials helps to reset blood circulation in your face and relieve parched skin, whether you’re in the sun or not. Consider booking one once you’re back home from your travels!

Woman wearing SPF 30

Pool Prep

Thanks to chlorine, a lot of us can enjoy pool time without the harmful bacteria that grows in swimming pools. However, it’s not without consequences. Chlorine is a chemical that strips our hair and skin of its natural oils. Additionally, it leaves our nails dry and brittle. Before you sit on the edge of the pool forever, there are some tricks to lessen the effects of chlorine. 

Now that you know the fundamentals, let’s talk a little more about summer travel tips for hair, skin, and nails.

People hanging out by the pool.

For Hair

Think of your hair like a sponge. There’s only so much it can absorb. With that being said, moisturizing or deep conditioning treatments equip your hair with that needed moisture, not leaving much room for chlorine to butt its way in. 

For Skin

Do you ever notice how Olympic swimmers and divers rinse off with fresh water right after they get out of the pool? This is in an effort to protect their skin.

With how many hours a day they’re in and out of the water, this can really have a negative effect on their skin (and hair for that matter). While you may not be in the pool as much as an Olympic competitor, rinsing your body after a few hours in the pool will only do your skin good. We already know chlorine dries us out, so make sure to moisturize after your rinse off. When it comes to this summer travel tip, you want to be consistent to protect your skin.

For Nails

Next time you head to the salon, pay attention to the base coat they use before applying your color. A hydrating base coat will create a protective layer that keeps your nails strong and ready for whatever is thrown at them.

Another preventative measure to ensure healthy nails is cuticle oil, which you’ll notice at the salon as well. The more this is applied, the better. You could even bake it into your nighttime routine! 

Summer is one of the best times of the year. Making sure we get through it safely is what keeps us eagerly looking forward to it every year. Our bodies do so much to protect us day in and day out—it’s about time we return the favor. Did you find any new summer travel tips? Let us know!

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