Grooming While Traveling: Your Toolkit on the Go

Grooming While Traveling: Your Toolkit on the Go

Flight: Booked. Cab: Ready. Ticket: On your phone. Clothes: Packed. What else is missing? So now that you’re mostly prepared for your trip, how does your grooming routine shape up among the rest?

If this is the first time you’ve even thought about grooming during your trip, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. In this post, we’re going to talk about how and what to think about when it comes to nailing down grooming while traveling. 

Ready to get going?

1. Get a multipurpose trimmer.

Generally, when you pack for a long trip, the rule of thumb is to pack lightly. This same rule applies to grooming tools. Pack the essentials. In this case, a universal trimmer. You’re going to want to look for one that gets close, but can work for different lengths and styles. For instance, check out this trimmer by brand Wahl. Wahl is a brand trusted by the pros, so you know you’re getting quality.

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If you have an electric trimmer, one that doesn’t need a cord, choose that over one that needs a plug. This is because if you travel internationally, your styling tools might be above the power usage limit. Check for the voltage limits in the country you’re visiting.

Having a universal trimmer on hand will help in a pinch. Sometimes, grooming while traveling will shake up your normal routine. With a reliable trimmer, that’s less likely to happen on the beard maintenance front.

multipurpose trimmer

2. Be mindful of the climate you’re traveling to.

All people who shave facial hair know that water is a big part that prevents injury. When it comes to your grooming while traveling routine, that shouldn’t change. That gets tricky when you’re traveling—especially if you’re heading to a dry climate. 

This is where research is going to be important. If you’re traveling to an unfamiliar place, stay educated about the climate to groom accordingly. Remember, you’ll likely be on the go for the majority of your trip. Pack face products that keeps it clean, hydrated, and protected (See: sunscreen). 

In addition, make sure you’re drinking water to stay hydrated. Not only will it nourish and cool your body, but it’ll also make shaving easier. Hydration prevents razor cuts, and shaving removes that extra bacteria that may get trapped on your face. Gross, but true. 

Shaving is practicing good hygiene and health, so pack what’ll get you there. You might have to find alternate solutions for grooming while traveling, but shaving doesn’t have to be one of them.

3. Stock up on cleansing items.

You’re going to be busy. You’re going to be on the go. And maybe, you’ll be hiking, biking, or doing some kind of extraneous sport. Consider this factor for your grooming routine, as you’ll want one that works.

If you’re someone who likes to refresh quickly, or throughout the day, add in cleansing towelettes to your kit. That way, you can reach for them when you need to give your face a quick cleanse. It’ll take care of most of the dirt, grime, and sweat on your face.

Packing these is a great help, but don’t get too reliant on them. Remember, face wipes or cleansing towelettes can be handy, but they’re not meant to replace face wash. Cleanser will still be your top choice for a deep, reliable clean. 

4. Use proper storage for your tools. 

Having a travel bag or case is an essential part of your tools. If you don’t have a travel-ready bag yet, get one before your trip. You’re not going to want loose razors or beard oil flying around. 

Let’s say you plan to carry your bag through TSA. For that, make sure it’s clear and your products are travel-sized. If not, just make sure your bag is compact enough to fit in your luggage, but big enough to store all of your items.

On top of looking for a bag that looks good, there’s one final thing to take note of. It should be able to withstand turbulence and other travel disturbances along the way. You wouldn’t want your scissors to break!

5. Sunscreen can’t be avoided—use it!

In previous articles about skincare, we stress the importance of using sunscreen. If you haven’t been able to catch one yet, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.

Using sunscreen is a must, no matter who you are or your age. Unfortunately, no one is immune to skin damage and cancer. This is why it’s important to use sunscreen every single day, even if you’re at home. Sunscreen isn’t an exclusive step for grooming while traveling!

Make sure you’re reapplying sunscreen every 2-4 hours. Like most formulas, they’re bound to wear off after awhile, and reapplication keeps you protected. Speaking of formulas, make sure to look for one that’s at least SPF 30. Anything less won’t be effective. 

Additionally, get sunscreen for the correct purpose. For example, facial sunscreen and body sunscreen are two different formulas, so it’s important to have both on hand. And remember to look for a TSA-friendly bottle, or pour some into one.

Male applying sunscreen as part of a traveling grooming routine.

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