3 Ways to Use Booksy to De-Stress at Home

3 Ways to Use Booksy to De-Stress at Home

By now, we’ve all grown somewhat accustomed to spending more time behind closed doors. Even though we’re all still being asked to practice social distancing, it’s more important than ever to continue to de-stress by reminding ourselves to take a load off when times get tough.

When we’re feeling burned out from the stressors of life, the last thing we may want to do is more work. And sometimes, self-care sounds like extra work. But self-care doesn’t have to feel like a chore.

Self-care lets us devote the right amount of time and energy to the things that matter the most. So, let’s talk about three at-home self-care practices that can and will help you de-stress. For more tips, check out this post.

De-stress with Nutrition 

When it’s time to de-stress, why not start in the kitchen? Cooking is known to relieve stress. Besides, we all need food to survive. And it’s no secret that a balanced diet keeps the body nourished and healthy. So, when you focus on your nutrition, you’re taking care of yourself. 

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Here’s the thing: Even though fruits and vegetables are a healthy part of any diet, sometimes, it’s not easy to fit them in, especially if you don’t know how. For example, you might want to cook with whole foods more often but can’t find the time to sample a bunch of different new recipes. 

And that’s because when you’re always on the go, it’s hard to find enough time to learn something new. When it comes to cooking, why spend time chopping and planning when you can have a microwaved meal in minutes? It’s obvious that microwaved dinners are much less healthy, but they’re quick and easy. 

Although instant meals might be a quick and easy fix, think about how you feel after you eat them. Kind of sluggish, low-energy, still hungry? That’s the downside of taking this nutritional shortcut: You probably don’t feel like doing anything productive after a microwaveable meal.

So, when you’re busy but want help in the kitchen, where do you go for help?

This is where a nutritionist can offer some great advice. Nutritionists specialize in helping people develop healthy habits. More specifically, they can help you create and maintain healthy eating habits that work for you. Together, you can focus on what’s working and what’s not working in your diet. A nutritionist can also provide hard scientific facts behind food you’re eating, as well as its effects on your body. 

When you’re ready, you can find a nutritionist by performing a quick search on the web. You can also search for nutritionists using Booksy, which is designed to help you locate nutrition experts in your area. Some of these professionals can travel to you, while others offer virtual sessions.

Woman de-stressing at home by cooking a nutritious meal.

De-stress with Meditation or Breathing Exercises

Here’s the thing: Meditation is hard. There are so many distractions in the world that finding a little downtime to meditate can sound far-fetched. Using precious time to clear your thoughts may seem boring and pointless. But have you ever thought about the benefits to meditation? 

Meditation itself doesn’t necessarily have to be what you see in the movies. If you’re picturing waking up at dawn and humming to yourself, that’s not the case. Ultimately, the main goal of meditation is to practice clearing your mind. In turn, letting go of stress.

All of us have those days where we feel like everything is “go-go-go.” Maybe you’ve been feeling drained because your commitments don’t give you enough of a break. If that’s the case, try meditating today!

If you need a way to clear your mind, try breathing exercises. Certain techniques can help alleviate stress. Let’s go over a few simple breathing techniques you can try at home. 

  1. Evenly pace your breaths. Sit or lie down. Start by paying attention to how you breathe normally. When you’re ready, count to four at an even pace as you inhale. Then exhale through your mouth to the same four counts. Try to distribute your breaths evenly so by the time you hit “four,” you’ve fully inhaled or exhaled. 
  2. Breathe more deeply. Sit or lie down. Exhale to release the air you may have in your lungs. Inhale, and on your next exhale, elongate the action. Focus on releasing tension while you breathe out. 
  3. Use your diaphragm. For this, it’s best to lie down, but you can also be sitting. This breathing exercise focuses on your abdominal muscles. Simply relax your shoulders, inhale through your nose, and exhale with your mouth. If done correctly, you should feel your abs expand and contract. Feel free to place your hand on your stomach as you breathe.

Of course, if you want to learn to meditate from a trained expert, you can find options in your area using Booksy. Working with a wellness professional de-stresses, while breathing exercises and practicing can clear your mind.

Man breathing

De-stress by Moving Your Body

I know, I know: Doing nothing sounds way better than working out. But nothing screams taking care of yourself like moving your body. Sometimes, the perfect way to let go of stress is by physically exerting yourself. 

Being active can also improve your mood and stamina. And it’s much more than likely that you’ll benefit from the hours of physical activity.  

What are some of the other benefits to working out? For starters, exercise increases blood flow and boosts your metabolism. This means that you’ll feel less sluggish.

To provide one great example, I recommend trying out yoga. Keep in mind that yoga is way, way more than just stretching. To start, there’s dozens of different kinds of yoga. So, if you’re worried about falling asleep like me, try upbeat yoga styles like hot, power, or vinyasa flow. These styles are designed to keep you moving at an upbeat pace. 

Many beginner-friendly yoga classes show you how to use breathing techniques to help you reduce anxiety and let go of stress. Some yoga techniques can help you perform other tasks, because yoga involves breathing correctly, and it helps create endurance. 

Maybe you just need some time to yourself every day. I’ve found that a yoga practice helps me be present in the moment and take that time I need to reset. 

Whether you’re busy all the time or find yourself stuck in a rut, you can always benefit from keeping yourself in check. Remember, allowing more time to yourself lets you fully engage in other tasks. 

And don’t forget, when you’re ready to safely get out to treat yourself, Booksy’s got you. Head over to our app so you can truly learn to de-stress.

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