Top Five Beauty and Wellness Tips for the Fall

Top Five Beauty and Wellness Tips for the Fall

Fall has arrived and this year that means much more than simply adjusting the thermostat, throwing on an extra layer of clothes, or planning to rake leaves. Due to the impact of COVID-19, this year, the fall season will be a little different in a number of different ways. 

In terms of beauty techniques and wellness practices, many of us will still be making the effort to look and feel our absolute best but from home. Even though we may all be spending more time inside, this autumn season doesn’t mean it’s time to stop indulging in ways to feel rejuvenated.

Take some time to read this short guide on fall beauty and wellness tips to better embrace this change in season. Our tips will help you update your beauty and wellness routine. So, get ready to make sure you’re the best version of yourself this fall, as things slowly return to normal.

Enjoy Healthy Fall Foods

If you’ve been paying less attention to your diet or simply want to keep up healthy practices, there are a wide variety of healthy dishes and snacks you should consider eating this fall. People often times associate many of these healthy foods with autumn and in particular the upcoming holiday season. 

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According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, leafy greens, oranges, tomatoes, and fresh herbs are loaded with vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Take advantage of these foods this fall. And also take advantage of peppers, broccoli, or onions in stews for a quick and convenient boost of nutrients.

Instead of struggling to find healthy foods that are out of season, consider antioxidant-rich nutritional sources that many people normally associate with fall. A few more common examples include sweet potatoes, cabbage, and pumpkins. Seasonal spices like ginger, turmeric, and cinnamon will also help with digestion while providing additional energy. 

Healthy Fall Foods

Examine Your Beauty Products

Now that you have your routine with shopping online, working from home, or getting kids acclimated to this school year, reconsider any changes you’ve made to your beauty products. 

Because of COVID-19, you may have switched beauty products for a variety of reasons. It may have seemed like a good idea to buy a generic product out of convenience. Maybe this was something you did to make less trips outside. Or you may have switched beauty products to save a little bit of extra money. 

But now that things are slowly returning to normal, this is a great time to stop and ask yourself about the ingredients in the products that you’re putting into your hair and onto your body. 

Take a few moments to enter your beauty products into the Skin Deep ADD Cosmetics Database, which is published by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Use this online resource to help you become more mindful of the ingredients in your beauty products.

Beauty Products

Book an Appointment for a Mobile Service

Making time for yourself is more important than ever. Even if that means you have to indulge in beauty or skincare services from home. If you haven’t already taken advantage of Mobile Services, now’s a great time to book an appointment with your local stylist or wellness professional, who may be able to come to the location of your choice.

Many Booksy salon professionals and wellness experts are available to come directly to your home or office. So, consider booking an appointment for a deep tissue massage in the comfort of your living room. Or schedule a hairstyling session that takes place in your home office. 

To access this feature, which is one of our more important fall beauty and wellness tips, simply open your Booksy app. Then click “Explore” in the main menu section. Select “Filters” followed by “Mobile Services. And hit “Apply” to generate a list of professionals offering Mobile Services in your area.

Appointment for a Mobile Service

Consider Lower Maintenance Coloring 

Coloring is a fun beauty trend that doesn’t need to stop, because you’re seeing your stylist less often. But take this time to speak with your stylist about embracing more natural colors.  Enhancing and embracing natural colors has slowly become more popular due to the pandemic. 

Some additional coloring options that are slightly less involved may include face-framing highlights, lower-maintenance hair-painting, and color-melting. Also ask about treatments designed to extend the life of your color. 

Feel free to use Booksy to set up a consultation session with your stylist, before committing to one of these lower maintenance coloring techniques, which don’t require as much strict maintenance, since the look is achieved a little differently and may last a little longer.

Lower Maintenance Coloring

Spend Some Additional Time Without Makeup 

If you’re still spending more time at home, this may be a good time to wear less makeup. According to skin experts, overusing makeup, especially foundations, can cause a number of skin problems. Skin irritation and acne breakouts are two of the most common skin problems. 

The last of our fall beauty and wellness tips is to go make-up free to give your skin a chance to breathe. Spending a little bit of time without makeup should help reduce breakouts. And that should give your skin time to rebuild itself, since less makeup will expose your skin to more oxygen. 

Remember that makeup isn’t a skin product that will penetrate your skin to help with aging and rejuvenation. Instead, it sits right on top of your complexion. Makeup-free skin can also better regulate itself with regards to temperature, moisture, and oil. 

Try to spend at least a week or two without makeup. This should also give your skin enough time to appear fresher and clearer. Saving that extra time in front of the mirror may also give you a few additional minutes each day. Feel free to spend that extra time focuing on other parts of your beauty and wellness routine this fall. 

Woman Without Makeup 

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