Top Trends in Holiday Nails

Top Trends in Holiday Nails

With the temperatures dipping and the eggnog flowing, December is the perfect time to try out a festive holiday-themed manicure. Whether you’re looking for something simple and classic or elaborate and dramatic, a winter manicure is a great way to show off your holiday spirit. A trip to the salon is also a great way to relax and pamper yourself in the midst of the chaos of the holidays. We took a look at the hottest trends in nails right now in order to provide you with some season-appropriate inspiration. From the catwalks of Fall Fashion Week to the hippest looks on Instagram, we compiled a list of the latest holiday trends in nails. 

Classic Red

For an easy and stylish holiday nail look, try the classic red manicure. From bright, cheerful tomato reds to sultry wine and berry hues, a classic red manicure is the tried-and-true holiday nail staple and a great accent for any holiday party look. Check out Rank & Style’s “Ten Best Holiday Red Nail Polishes” for inspiration, or if you’d like an eye-catching twist on the classic, try a shimmery, pearlescent polish like Deborah Lippman’s All Fired Up collection in You Oughta Know.

Classic red nails for the holidays!

Ombre Nails

For a fun and unique manicure, take inspiration from the popular hairstyle. Ombre, French for “shadow,” is a coloring technique that gained popularity in the early 2000s, in which the roots of the hair were left a darker shade, and the strand was gradually lightened so that the ends were blonde or a lighter shade of brown. For an ombre manicure, start with a dark color at the innermost part of the nail, and blend it with a white or off-white polish, mixing the white and colored polishes so that they get lighter as you get closer to the tips of the nail. For directions on how to perfect the ombre manicure, check out the wealth of Youtube tutorials with essential dos and don’ts. 

Ask for an ombre french manicure to get this look

The French Manicure

The classic ‘90s French manicure is back, according to Harper’s Bazaar. The 2019 update features a variety of colors rather than the traditional clear polish base with white tips. For a fresh spin, try a bright red or pink base with black tips, or Christmas-themed red base with green or gold tips.

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French manicure with a design

Half Moon Nails

Another modern twist on the classic French manicure is the half moon manicure. Unlike the French, which features a line of opaque polish at the tips of your nails, this look features a pop of color in a half moon shape at the innermost part of the mail, next to the cuticle. Another option is to paint your whole nail except for a rounded half moon shape on the inner part of the nail. Check out the Elle slideshow for directions on how to achieve the look at home!

Half moon nail design

Pearls on Nails

According to Harper’s Bazaar, one of the biggest nail trends of 2019 is the pearl manicure, seen on the fall runways of designers Yuhan Wang and Adeam, among others. This pretty trend involves applying tiny pearl embellishments to the nails, and often accompanies a delicate silver or pastel base for a dreamy, feminine feel. Ask your manicurist about a pearl manicure, or check out this YouTube video to try it yourself!

Decorate regular polish with pearls for a classy look.

Applique Sets

The applique manicure is a fun holiday trend that you can try at home or at the salon. Whether it’s 3D jewels or fun stickers, adding a charm or accent can be a simple way to upgrade your manicure. Add a delicate dried flower applique from Etsy for a sweet and elegant twist, or add Christmas charms to your holiday nails for a festive party look. Many manicurists can add an applique accent to your holiday look, or you can check out a DIY video for a jewel manicure here.

A fun way to add a festive look to your nails for the holidays!

Stiletto Nails

Named after the spiky heels and the Italian word for “knife,” stiletto nails are one of the most dramatic manicure looks popular at the moment. The long, pointed nails with a sharp tip have been spotted on a variety of celebrities from Kylie Jenner to Beyonce. In most cases you’ll need acrylic nails to achieve the look, so you’ll want to book an appointment with your manicurist early to ensure that they can squeeze you in before any major holiday parties and events. For a chic holiday look, ask your manicurist for a gold or red manicure to match your cocktail dress.

Stiletto holiday nails

Spiced Neutrals

Spiced neutrals are one of the biggest nail trends of the season, according to Essie global lead educator Rita Remark in an interview for Elle“Think of colors from your spice cabinet like turmeric, paprika, and cinnamon,” Remark tells Elle. “These shades take classic neutrals up a notch making them both bold and versatile.” With a warm twist on the classic beige or neutral manicure, these cozy shades will have you reaching for the mulled wine and gingersnaps.

Spiced neutrals are perfect colors for the holidays!

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