6 Yellow Nail Styles To Try

6 Yellow Nail Styles To Try

Color psychology theorizes that different colors can elicit specific feelings and reactions, greatly impacting our lives and how we see the world—which is exactly why we perceive the color yellow to be warm, optimistic, and happy. After all, it is the color associated with sunshine, springtime, and various flowers like buttercups or daffodils. So if you’re looking for a cheerful and upbeat manicure, take inspiration from the top yellow nail designs that’ll brighten up your nails.

Color blocked

Color blocking is an easy way to create a unified appearance using contrasting tones and crisp lines. While it’s suitable for any nail shape, this look is particularly great for boxier styles like square or coffin yellow nail designs.

Details on yellow

Get some cool yellow nail polish designs with the help of nail art or stickers to take your yellow mani to the next level.

Negative space nails

The negative space nail trend involves leaving portions of your nails in their natural state, resulting in a chic cut-out style that is ideal for achieving short or long yellow nail designs.

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Yellow French

Opting for a full yellow French manicure (or one that features splashes of yellow) is always a good choice whether you’re looking into natural, gel, or acrylic yellow nail designs.

Highlighter yellow

If you really want an eye-catching aesthetic, have your nail technician create some neon yellow nail designs or simply do a solid neon color all over.

Mustard yellow

Though yellow may initially give off a spring or summer feel, you don’t have to forgo it altogether in the fall—for the cooler months, choose a mustard yellow, and leave the pastel yellow nail designs for the sunny season.

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