The Best Of Black And Gold Nail Designs

The Best Of Black And Gold Nail Designs

A black manicure can give off a mysterious, powerful, and even sophisticated feel to it, whereas a gold set of nails can present as luxurious, confident, and extravagant—and by combining the two together into one manicure, you’ll get one glamorous manicure that encapsulates the perfect balance between the two colors. If you’ve never tried black and gold together, get ready to book an appointment to the nail salon, because you’ll want to after seeing these inspirational duo-toned manis.

Dramatic set

Stand out from the crowd with a bold and lively set. Keep a gold and black theme and subtly meld other colors into the mix or go for a strictly two-toned aesthetic, the choice is yours but bring on the drama!

Decals and details

Textured embellishments, stick-on decals, and freehand nail art are all simple ways to enhance your manicure whether you’re working with long or short black and gold nail designs.

Low key

When it comes to nail designs, black and gold nails can be dramatic, but you can easily tone them down too by going for just a hint of gold sparkle on each nail or a subtle glittery gold polish over a black base.

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French inspired

The French tip has recently come back into style, and though it suits every nail shape, it’s a showstopper for square and coffin black and gold nail designs.

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