Prom Nails 2023: The Best Ideas For The Perfect Prom Mani

Prom Nails

Perfecting your prom look is about so much more than just choosing a gorgeous dress and picking out the ideal color scheme. The truth is the details matter just as much as the big aspects do. It’s time to shift focus from the obvious, like the gown and shoes, and get down to the nitty-gritty with beautiful 2023 prom nail ideas that will be the finishing touch you’ve been looking for. View our favorites below, then book an appointment with a nail technician near you on the Booksy app!

Eye-catching bling

Go glam by adding rhinestone and jewel elements to your manicure, creating some bold and blinged-out prom nails.

Subtle sparkle

If you prefer a softer, but still sparkly vibe, try out some chic and simple prom nails with minimal accents of shimmer.

French reinvented

Need some classic nails for prom with a modern twist? Play around with different colors and styles of the French manicure.

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Cat eye

Unique nail designs for prom that are a must-try include the cat eye effect, which features a diagonal line across the nail, reminiscent of a cat’s eye.

Showcased base

Instead of focusing on the tips as with the French manicure, opt for some prom nail designs that highlight the base of the nails.

Delicate details

Beautifully intricate yet delicate nail art patterns make a great choice for formal nail designs, perfect for occasions like prom.

Harmonious mismatch

Get some cute nails for prom by choosing a diverse array of shades from different color families that still successfully complement each other.

Making waves

Whether you’re rocking natural, gel, or acrylic nails for prom, nails with fun and wavy patterns are one of the most popular options for prom 2023.

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