Long Nail Designs. Styles You’ll Be Seeing All Year

Long Nail Designs

Some could argue that short nails are more practical—sure, we’ll give them that. But many of us can’t help but gravitate towards gorgeous, long nails that stand out and speak for themselves. A beautifully decorated and lengthy set can instantly add to your outfit and act as the perfect, eye-catching accessory. For the ultimate nail inspo, take a look at our list of nail designs for long nails that’ll be topping the charts this year.

Cohesive multicolor

Less complex than ombre nails but more involved than a standard one-color set, choosing cohesive shades from the same color family is a popular design for long nail styles.

French styles

With the French manicure, you can definitely use your imagination. This style can be customized to your design and color preferences, whether you’re interested in long black nail designs or something brighter, like long yellow nail designs.

Nudes and neutrals

If you love long nail designs that will match any and every look, stick with a neutral or nude nail polish color.

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Pink shades

Red nail polish is still going steady, particularly for coffin long red nail designs—but we’re also seeing the emergence of pink shades of all sorts!

Textures galore

Add some character to your nails by going for a textured look, which will look amazing for long square nail designs, oval, stiletto, coffin, or almond.

Cool blues

Last year was all about green shades, but for 2023, we’ll be seeing blue tones all year—especially darker hues like royal blue, cobalt, and navy.

Metallic accents

Long acrylic nail designs featuring gold or silver toned metallic details can result in an edgy and cool vibe without looking too glitzy.

Statement embellishments

If you want to make the most of extra long nail designs, choose a variety of statement embellishments to adorn your nails.

Swirling patterns

Need a style that suits any nail shape? Try out a mani with curved lines and swirls no matter if you prefer long oval nail designs or square.

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