Summer Relaxation, Starting With You

Summer Relaxation, Starting With You

Summer’s in full swing, and there’s no better way to celebrate the change in season by spending time outside. How do you prefer spending days in the sun? Whether it’s playing volleyball at the beach, going hiking with friends, or hitting all the barbecues, nothing beats long days with perfect weather. 

When you’re about to spend a summer day in the sun, the goal is always to have a great time. How do you prepare for outings? Probably with water and snacks, maybe a towel if you’re playing sports, or food if you’re grilling. 

How about unwinding after a long day out? Relaxing after a long day in general is something we could probably do a little more of. And because summer inspires us to be more active, summer relaxation is going to be important, too. After all, if we keep running with no rest, we’re going to burn out.

Even if you don’t spend a lot of time outside, it’s always a good idea to unwind. So let’s talk about how you can treat your body well and fit in some summer relaxation. After all, less stress means more fun.

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1. Stretch before and after going out

It’s a good idea to stretch daily in order to loosen your muscles. Plus, it’s great for improving your posture. If you’re gonna be moving around a lot this summer, for instance, hiking or playing flag football, remember to stretch before and after. 

We know that stretching is important before a workout or playing sports. If your muscles can extend all the way, they’ll make the exercise easier to perform. Stretching gets your muscles warmed up and reduces the chance of injury. 

Stretching is also a great way to get a jumpstart on relaxation. It’s a popular way to reduce stress, too. This is because when you relieve muscle tension, you’re allowing your body to release any added physical stress you may be carrying. 

Two friends stretching before working out.

How to start a stretching routine

There’s a lot of information out there about why we should stretch. But what if you don’t know how to stretch?

No worries! It’s not the most intuitive practice to start. We’ve got you. The first thing to remember: Stretching doesn’t have to be elaborate. The goal is to reduce tension, so as long as you do that, you’re good. 

To help with stretching, think about what you’ll be doing. That’ll guide what and how you stretch. For example, if you’re going on a run, do stretches that target cardiovascular health and endurance. For example, that might look like touching your toes standing up. Lunges increase flexibility, and calf raises prepare lower legs for impact. 

Remember to stretch after your day outside. Of course, it’s to reduce soreness. But aside from that, it gives your muscles proper repair and cool-down time. It’s often easy to remember to stretch. If you’re worried about forgetting, make it something you do with your friends before hanging out. 

But that’s enough about using stretching to relax and rejuvenate. Let’s talk about another way you can do that.

2. Invest or DIY a massage

If you know anything about massages, you know they’re a prime way to unwind. Massages accomplish pretty much everything stretching does. They reduce stress, increase relaxation, promote muscle repair, and improve circulation. But the greatest part of a massage is that a professional takes over the reins.

When it comes to getting a massage, the only thing you’re expected to do is relax. And, after a fun, but lengthy day of being physically active, nothing sounds better than that, right?

When you picture a massage, what comes to mind? Probably a spa or salon, calming music, and essential oils. And that setup is typically the norm. But of course, as the world changes, so does the way you can experience different services, like a massage. 

Nowadays, instead of commuting to get a massage service, you can get that same treatment from the comfort of your own home. Mobile massage services are a convenient, easy, and safe way to get the summer relaxation you need, without leaving your house.

Maybe the idea of getting a massage kind of freaks you out because you’re in a setting that’s not familiar and intimidating to you. A mobile service might be the perfect solution. Being in your home is way less intimidating, and it will put you more at ease. (Or, you can try it yourself!)

Plus, if you book using Booksy, our platform will tell you which services are mobile, so you won’t have to worry about searching.

A mobile massage therapist at a client's home.

Types of massages

Keep in mind that there are several different types of massages you can get. It’s good to do a little research before you book your first appointment. For instance, if the goal is summer relaxation, a hot stone massage might not be the choice you want. Instead, think about a Swedish, aromatherapy, or Shiatsu treatment. 

A Swedish massage is probably what most of us think of when it comes to the service. This type is good for beginners and those who need to release tension. It uses a combination of mid-pressure movements to get rid of knots. 

Aromatherapy is aimed to, along with relieving pain and stress, reduce anxiety and tension. It uses diluted essential oils in combination with light pressure.The combination of the two are intended to make you calm and feel a mental boost after. 

The Shiatsu massage comes from Japan, and is ultimately aimed at achieving all around calmness and relaxation. It’s a full-body massage where providers use rhythmic movements and medium pressure to reduce tension. 

If you plan to make summer sports outing a regular thing, you can also get a sports massage. Those are done with the intent of muscle repair and growth. So there are tons of massage types out there, and if you’re booking a service, remember to have one in mind.

To prepare for a massage, make sure you hydrate and wear loose clothing. A lot of massages, contrary to popular belief, can be done with clothes on, like Shiatsu. Loose clothing will make sure your provider is able to use the proper techniques without constricting fabric. 

Additionally, if you’re a beginner, don’t be afraid to ask questions about what the massage will entail. If you book using Booksy, you’ll be able to enter in any questions you have prior to your service. Besides, you want to make sure you’re getting the summer relaxation you’re paying for!

Remember, just like stretching, massages are a good way to unwind in general. After a long hard week or project at work, maybe booking a quick mobile service will be the rejuvenation you need. 

3. Hydrate before and after going out

Before you go, “I know, I know, drinking water is important,” hear me out. You know how awful you can feel after a workout? Maybe exhausted, parched, and not willing to move. Or maybe you feel fine, but your body feels like it’s overheating. Let me tell you, water is your missing tool.

Water obviously cools you down, but in more ways than one. When you drink water, you instantly feel cooler on the outside, but notice how you feel cooler on the inside, as well. Being in the heat for long periods of time is going to raise your internal body temperature. If you don’t want to burn up in every way possible, hydrate heavily during your day.

How you pace your water intake is up to you. But if you’re going to be outside, you might need to up the ante from 8 glasses to one or two more. Remember, that heat is going to make you even more thirsty. It’s more likely you’re going to want to increase intake anyway. Plus, hydration keeps you moving.

Avoid headaches and fatigue with with regular water intake during your day. That way, when you get home, you won’t feel nearly as exhausted. Even though it might be a little more difficult to always have water on you, it’s a must. Without it, you’re not going to have a good time before or after going out.

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