4 Relaxing Massages We’re Hitting This Fall

4 Relaxing Massages We’re Hitting This Fall

Fall is on the way. The kids are back in school. And the summer fun is fading into distant memory. As we enter the busiest time of year, keeping up without burnout is all about pacing and making time to rest. Relaxing massages have long been praised for their health benefits, especially when done regularly.

If you’re looking for a way to indulge in some much-needed relaxation soon, check out the four types of massages. They are among the most highly requested for a reason and they’ll do the trick to keep your energy and spirits high this autumn.

1. Classic Relaxing Swedish Massage

If you’ve ever gotten a traditional massage, then chances are, you’ve probably received a Swedish massage. The Swedish massage is the most popular type of relaxation massage that is typically ideal for everyone. It focuses on different techniques including long gliding strokes across the entirety of the body and pressure that is applied in circular motions. It is particularly great at helping release muscle knots but also is excellent for providing full-body relaxation and improving circulation.

Swedish massage

2. The Deep Tissue Massage

A step up from the Swedish massage is the deep tissue massage. This massage uses more pressure than most other massage techniques. It reaches the deepest layers of muscle. Consider this option if you tend to experience chronic pain or muscle tension. When you have tension, the first treatment can be a little uncomfortable. But most say “it’s a good pain.” The truth is, you’ll leave your appointment feeling like jelly.

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The Deep Tissue Massage

3. Hot Stone Massage

Nothing squashes that nip in the air like radiating stones on bare skin. Pair this with a phenomenal tea, and you’ll be in massage nirvana. This massage style uses heated flat stones along specific points on the spine. The goal is to alleviate pain, improve blood flow, ease muscle tension, and of course, relieve stress. 

Hot Stone Massage

4. Aromatherapy massage

Perhaps the ultimate relaxing massage is the one that has an extra touch: aromatherapy.  This technique has devoted fans that swear by the relaxing properties of the oils and fragrances used during the sessions. Specialists in this field have oodles of experience in knowing what scents give what mood. For example, eucalyptus and mint may invoke a crisp, refreshed feeling. Lavender and sandalwood might lull you to sleep.

essential oil aroma therapy massage

Which relaxation massage is right for me?

These are definitely on our shortlist for massage this Fall. But if you want more options before you book, check these services out.

Each technique has its own benefits and advantages. It’s up to preference as to which massage is right for you. To summarize, a Swedish or Deep Tissue massage allows you to indulge in a standard massage with no frills. Stone massages help target back pain and have the added benefit of warmth directly applied to the body. For those who want to entice another of the senses, then an aromatherapy massage is the best choice.

 At the end of the day (whether metaphorically or literally at the end of a workday), by using our helpful guide above and the Booksy mobile app or Booksy on the web, you’ll be able to go forward confidently and book one of the many available soothing massages in your local area to help you alleviate your back-to-work symptoms.

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