How To Style Curly Hair: Inspo For Your Next Salon Appointment

How To Style Curly Hair: Inspo For Your Next Salon Appointment

If you have naturally curly hair, you’re likely familiar (maybe a little too familiar) with the struggles of finding hairstyles that work. Curly tresses often have a mind of their own but embracing your hair’s texture actually unlocks a whole new world of curly hairstyles—and trust us, these will make you want to leave your flat iron behind for good.

Textured bob

The beauty of the bob is that it is suitable for any hair texture (curls included!), making it one of the top curly hairstyles for women.

Piled high

When going for short curly haircuts, structured, stacked curls are a great way to bring out the bounce.

Tousled layers

Ask your stylist to cut long, flowy layers into your hair and get ready to sport a lion-like mane that’s shampoo commercial-worthy.

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Retro fro

Ready for some serious volume? Bank on the comeback of 70s style (and your natural curls).

Dramatic chop

Best haircuts for curly hair that aren’t high maintenance? The pixie and layered boy cut take the trophies here.

Curly fringe

Bangs can not only spice up pretty much any hairstyle, but they also work with many different types of curly hair.

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