10 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles

10 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles

You’ve found the venue, you’ve settled the floral arrangements, and even finalized the catering service. Just when you think you’ve finished your wedding planning checklist and can finally catch a breath, another task is on our minds (or should I say our heads?). How do you narrow down the endless amount of wedding hairstyles for brides

As if choosing from hundreds of wedding dresses wasn’t enough, we also have to find that perfect bridal hairstyle. But luckily, we’re making it easy by sharing our top ten favorite looks that are guaranteed to turn heads.

Let’s jump in—after all, you have a wedding to plan!

1. Sleek pony

If there’s any way to ensure a frizz-free ‘do, then it’s going with a slicked-back ponytail for your wedding day. This all-time classic keeps the flyaways at bay and accentuates the length and texture of your hair. With this style, you can hit the dance floor knowing you won’t have to be sweeping your locks out of your face every few seconds.

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Additionally, if you’re going for a simple, sophisticated theme for your wedding, a sleek ponytail might be the perfect asset. If you’re pairing your hair with your dress or suit, this look would compliment a form-fitting silhouette extremely well.

2. Classic curls

Unless your hair is naturally in ringlets, curls are often saved for special occasions. And what better occasion to go all out with the rollers or the curling wand than your own wedding? Whether you prefer loose finger waves or the effects of a voluminous blowout, you can’t really go wrong with a head full of luscious curls.

When we think of curls, we usually think of ballgowns to match. But curls are so universal, they can be worn with any type of outfit you choose! If you’re thinking of going with curls, which style will be the winner?

3. Half up, half down

For when you can’t choose between an updo or leaving your hair loose—a half up, half down style can be the perfect middle ground. Pin the sides of your hair back for some simple elegance or add some major volume to the look by teasing the back section of your hair.

This hairstyle is a great idea if you want your dress to be the star of the show. Your hair will still look gorgeous, but it won’t take away from the beauty of your gown. Additionally, it’s a great (and popular) choice for the bridal party as well!

African american woman with braided wedding hairstyle

4. Floral accents

Your bouquet doesn’t have to be the end of your floral accessories. If you’re in love with florals, add some more by incorporating them into your wedding hairstyling.

This works well when going for an updo. Strategically place some individual flowers within it for a romantic vibe. Ballgown brides, this accent might be calling your name—it adds just the right touch to top off your day. If you’re leaving it down, opt for something like a flower crown that won’t take away from your flowing tresses.

5. Deep side part

Some wedding hairstyles work better with a certain texture or length of hair. But a deep side part is a holy grail that suits any hair type. The deep side part is one our favorite wedding hairstyles because it’ll look equally amazing with a long, volume-packed mane.

Alternatively, for shorter hair, it works as a short and sleek pixie cut. This is a no-frills hairstyle that’ll keep your look interesting. If you plan on wearing an intricate veil or other accessories, think of using a style like this one, one that’ll compliment your entire look.

A bride with a deep side part wedding hairstyle.

6. Top knot

Keep your hair in check all night by setting it in a top knot. You’ll have plenty of options if you go this route, so don’t worry about looking too “business casual” on your special day.

For example, one option to consider is a traditional ballerina bun. Or, jazz it up a bit by adding a braid. This can wrap around your crown. Alternatively, the braid can trail up to your top knot. Whichever way you choose, a top knot will keep your hair secure and in place. Plus, it’s a good opportunity to let some attention go to a beautiful pair of dangly earrings.

7. Charming chignon

While a standard low bun might just not cut it for some wedding hairstyles, a chignon can do wonders. This kind of style adds an elegant, classic twist to the low bun. (Literally, it looks like a twist)!

Pinning your hair back at the nape of your neck into a chignon is such one of the quintessential wedding hairstyles. However, we all want to add our own little flair, and this style also gives you room for creativity. For example, adding in a sparkly barrette or pearlescent hairpins instantly brings your style up a few notches.

But don’t be afraid to opt for a high chignon, either. Like in the picture below, any version of this look is going to look classy and beautiful.

Beautiful bride with updo and wedding hairpiece.

8. Versatile braids

For wedding hairstyles that look great and won’t unravel—you’ll be killing two birds with one stone by going for a braid style. A fishtail braid can give you an effortless effect that doesn’t look too prim and proper. Whereas a braid crown that trails across the back of the head gives off a structured and regal aesthetic.

For African-American braid styles, your options are endless. Box braids and knotless twists seem to be the most popular option, but you can even have fun with micros! The super-thin form of braid allows for hairstyles like ponytails, chignons, and half-updos. Additionally, if you have thicker hairstyles, like locs, think of adding extra accessories to make your hairstyle really pop.

9. Natural beauty

There’s truly no reason to add heat or do any unnecessary styling if you love your natural hair. To bank on your curls or waves, amplify them with a simple combo of your favorite curl-enhancing hair products. If your hair is pin-straight, use some hairspray to lift your roots and gain some extra volume up top.

For African-American natural hair styles, focus on accentuating your ‘fro with frizz-control serum and curl cream. If you’d rather have it fluffier, take your pick and volumize to your heart’s desire. Additionally, and this goes for all natural hairstyles—make sure your hair is hydrated. No matter if it’s kinky coily or in a protective style. Natural hair thrives and stays moisturized with good, old-fashioned water.

10. Accessories, anyone?

When in doubt, accessorize. Even the simplest hairdo can be transformed into a wedding-ready hairstyle with some chic hair accessories. A classic option is finishing a look with a tiara or a jeweled headpiece. But, if you prefer something a little out of the ordinary, you can slide a decorative comb into your hair or finish off a low ponytail with a silk scarf tied around it. 

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Accessories wedding hairstyle.

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