Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas For Her

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Beauty Lovers

You might be wondering where the year has gone if you’re still in gift-buying mode. And that’s okay, we all get busy this time of year. Booksy has your back because we’ve curated a shortlist of amazing gifts for the beauty lover in your life. And they’ll never know it was last-minute. We’ve organized the list into categories so you can skim the gift guides and get inspired.

Satin Accessories

Satin is a luxury textile and has found it’s way into the heart of the beauty industry. From robes to pillowcases, scrunchies to pajamas, satin is everywhere. Here are some popular ideas for the one who loves quality items.

luxury satin robe

Satin Gift Guide:

Everyday Upgrades

Think about things your loved ones uses daily. They might not be splurging on the bare necessities, so upgrading things like soap, towels, and hobby supplies offers a little luxury in everyday life. Here are some wonderful everyday upgrades.

ethical fair-trade blanket

Everyday Upgrades:

Gift Nostalgia

The 90s and early 00’s are making a comeback, which means you can wrap her in a warm hug of nostalgia this holiday. Here are a few things that will have her smiling from ear to ear.

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Gift Nostalgia

Nostalgic 90s and 00s Gifts:

Gift Sets

There is no beating the value you get from gift sets. And luckily at this time of year, almost every brand has its own offering. For the beauty lover in your life, here is our curated list of amazing gifts:

Gifts for her

Holiday Gift Sets for Beauty Lovers

Complimentary Services

Who doesn’t love a free spa day or nail appointment? This holiday season, give that special person in your life a little self-care, on you. It may sound daunting to start the search for a reputable hair provider or nail pro in your area, and one that the recipient would like. 

With Booksy, worry no longer. Simply choose a service (there’s tons), input your location, and boom. You’ll see top-rated providers in your area. Their profiles will come with pictures, service prices, and reviews, so you and your person will know exactly what to expect. It’s not only self-care, but reputable and secure self-care.

These quick holiday gift ideas will make any person in your life smile. When you’re spending time with your loved ones this year, we hope you create amazing, lasting memories. Have a happy holiday season!

spa day gift ideas

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Booking the Whole Family

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Happy booking and happy holidays from Booksy.

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