How to Make Valentine’s Day a Holiday to Remember

How to Make Valentine’s Day a Holiday to Remember

Need last-minute gift ideas? Running out of time? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get right into how you can have an amazing at-home Valentine’s Day.

1. Have a Spa Day

If relaxation is the goal for you and your loved one, consider setting aside time for some pampering. After all, what better way to indulge in treating yourself than to share the experience with someone you love?

The best part about this gift idea (other than the fact that it’s an amazing experience) is that you don’t need much to get started. When you think about relaxation and rejuvenation, what do you think of?

Spa days are all about what you want to do, and you might already have the basics at your disposal. Let’s go over these essentials.

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Whether you decide to use an oil or a spray, aromatherapy is an incredible way to enhance your physical and emotional health. This practice is all about using smells to highlight certain feelings. For instance, lavender, chamomile, and lemongrass can help a person feel more relaxed, comfortable, and clear-headed.

If you know your partner appreciates certain scents, while taking a bath or getting ready for bed, make sure to use those specific scents. This small step will go a long way in helping your partner feel more relaxed and at ease. Make a point to spray that scent on their towel or robe.

Facial Treatments

Although scheduling an appointment with a professional is the best way to enjoy facial treatments, there’s nothing wrong with trying one with your partner using the products you have at home. If you or your significant other loves skincare, consider this spa tradition. 

Elongate your normal routine with a face mask and toner. These products are generally used to rejuvenate and reset skin. In other words, facials will leave you and your partner with a healthy glow.

Try Out a Massage

We’re not all professional masseuses, and though Booksy offers tons of industry experts, there’s no harm in trying your hand at a basic massage for your partner. Even if you don’t have hot stones or know every therapeutic movement, try to learn a tactic or two.  

As an added bonus, ask your partner to return the favor. The best way to learn something new is practice, and we could all use an extra stress reliever. 

To make your spa night extra special, create a menu of services for your partner. Those services can all be pre-planned, or you can offer additional options. And consider buying colored light bulbs or string lights to switch out some of the lights in your home. This seemingly small step will also help create a space that promotes relaxation. 

If you’re riding solo, this is an excellent time to focus on receiving some pampering. Plan out how you want to spend your spa day to make the experience one you absolutely love. 

And what can you do when you’re ready to show off your relaxed, refreshed self? Take a look at our next idea. 

Spa Day

2. Organize a Photo Shoot

Lights, camera, action! Whether you’re planning a solo night or making time for yourself and a partner, an at-home photo shoot is a creative way to have fun while being in the spotlight. You don’t have to be a professional photographer or own a fancy camera to have a snazzy photo shoot at home. Here’s how to do it:

Take Care of the Lighting

No, you don’t need to spend tons of money on professional lighting if you don’t want to—just have ample light. It helps to know a few basic rules, such as three-point lighting, which is a more traditional way to illuminate a subject by using light sources from three distinct positions.

Another lighting option is to buy holiday or fairy lights and use them as a backdrop. They’ll add a cool effect to the final product. If you don’t have either, don’t worry—when editing, you can add lighting effects. But natural lighting is the way to go, if you can take advantage of sunlight.

Make a Loose Plan

Think about a theme. For example, since it’s Valentine’s Day, you might want to invest in a simple, inexpensive red backdrop and flowers for props. Creating a themed plan will show your significant other that you took the time to make the date more intimate. 

Jump in on the Fun 

Don’t spend all of the time behind the camera! This is a gift you too can enjoy. So, make the most of it. You and your partner can have fun setting up the shoot and talking through ideas. 

Are you in the market for a new headshot? It’s time for your closeup—get ready to put on your best model face and join your partner during the rest of the photo shoot. 

And if you’re single, make this your moment. You deserve to feel like a superstar, so take the task into your own hands. Set up your smartphone. Then simply activate the timer or use an app to get going. 

But what if you’re lowkey and want to keep it that way for the holiday?


3. Gifts That Keep on Giving

Maybe big dates aren’t your thing, and Valentine’s Day is usually a low maintenance holiday for you and your partner. That said, if you want to get your partner something special you know they’d like, this is a perfect time to get them a gift card for their favorite beauty or grooming service. 

Is your loved one’s barber, stylist, or nail tech on Booksy? Find out if their favorite industry expert is offering gift cards or special holiday discounts. Paying for an appointment up front lets your partner know that you care about supporting their favorite beauty or grooming professional.

And remember that whenever you buy a Booksy gift card, you’re helping out a small business owner. So, even if you’re single this holiday season, a gift card for yourself lets you show support for your favorite barber or stylist. 

If you’re focusing on yourself this Valentine’s Day, you know where to head to find your next massage, spa day, hairstyle, nail tech, barber, and more. Happy Love Day!

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