Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and many of us still aren’t quite sure what to get that special someone. Right on the heels of Christmas, it might feel like you’ve just used up all your best gift ideas. That’s why we compiled a list of fresh, unique Valentine’s gifts that will brighten up the cold winter months and make your partner feel extra appreciated. These are services and experiences that will pamper, relax, or inspire her. Whether you opt for a spa trip or a workshop, look for gifts that will encourage her growth, mental health, and creativity.

A Massage

If your loved one seems stressed out, overworked, or exhausted, one way to pamper her is by giving her an e-Gift Card to a massage therapist. With professional, family, and social obligations, as well as a million other stressors that pop up throughout the week, it’s easy to put our own wellbeing on the back burner. Massage has been shown to reduce stress, improve circulation, and improve symptoms of depression and anxiety, among a host of other health benefits, according to Urban Nirvana. It’s the perfect gift for the partner in need of a little rest and pampering.

A foot massage


Flowers are a Valentine’s Day staple, and research suggests that they may do more than just brighten up your kitchen table. According to studies cited by the Huffington Postfresh flowers have mood-boosting properties. They also improve the cognitive performance of people working near them and can help reduce anxiety. The color of the flowers affects your mood too, with flowers in bold, saturated colors having an energizing effect, while less-saturated colors encourage relaxation.

Flowers - gift

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bouqs valentine's day gifts


For the loved one who always likes to look put together, one fun gift idea is a certificate for a mani-pedi. According to the Julinda Salon blog, mani-pedis can increase blood circulation to the hands and feet, improve the health of your nails, and help reduce stress. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can even make it a mani-pedi for two, so both of you can go together or she can bring a friend along for a fun outing.

Mani-Pedi gift

A Spa Day

If you haven’t made plans for Valentine’s Day yet, consider celebrating at a spa. Book a couple’s massage, unwind in the steam room, or escape the winter cold with a trip to the sauna. Visiting a spa can be a relaxing bonding experience and a great way to unwind as a couple. And if you’re not sure what to get your partner this Valentine’s Day, a gift certificate to a spa is a great option because it allows her to choose the treatment or experience she’s most interested in. Whether she feels like getting a massage, a facial, a body treatment, or any number of other services, a certificate for a spa day gives her the flexibility to choose the experience she wants and schedule some time for pampering and self-care.

Spiritual Wellness Services

If your partner is spiritual or interested in alternative forms of self-care, you might look into energy healing or another spiritual consultation as a unique and meaningful Valentine’s Day giftReiki healing is a form of energy healing that originates in Japan and involves laying hands on the client’s body to stimulate the body’s self-healing process. Many people find it helpful for reducing anxiety and managing pain. Another form of energy healing is chakra clearing, which grows out of the Tantra tradition in Hinduism. Depending on her belief system, a trip to a spiritual consultant could be a renewing, uplifting experience.

Reiki services

A New Tattoo

If your loved one has been talking about getting a tattoo, consider contributing to the cost of the piece. Giving her a gift certificate to a tattoo studio is a romantic Valentine’s Day gift that she’ll enjoy for the rest of her life. That said, this gift is best for women who already know they want a tattoo or have been planning to get one already. Married couples and life partners might also consider getting tattoos together as an expression of their commitment and love.

A Trip to the Salon

If your loved one has a favorite salon or stylist, consider giving her a gift certificate for a haircut and coloring. Getting your hair styled regularly can get expensive, especially for women, who on average spend twice as much to get their hair done as men, according to Towards Data ScienceWhat better way to help her look and feel her best than by covering a trip to her favorite stylist?

Woman in a salon

Tailor Your Gift to Her Interests

If your partner is a yoga lover, why not cover a month’s fee at her favorite studio? If she’s a fitness fanatic, why not help her take her training to a new level by gifting her a few sessions with a personal trainer? And if she has a creative or artistic outlet, one special Valentine’s Day gift is a class or service that helps her develop as an artist. For a musician, a few hours in a recording studio can be hugely validating. For a painter or writer, a workshop with an artist she respects in her field could inspire her and help her develop her craft. 

Tailor Your Gift to Her Interests

While it might seem easy to opt for a fancy necklace or a new sweater, gifting experiences rather than physical items is a powerful way to invest in your partner’s emotional wellbeing. Cornell psychology professor Dr. Thomas Gilovich explains in an article for Fast Company that people get more happiness when they spend money on experiences rather than buying new things.

According to his research, the rosy “new toy” glow tends to fade rather quickly, while experiences are much more memorable and shape our outlook for far longer. Spending money on experiences helps to define a person’s purpose and passions, which contributes to their overall life satisfaction. This Valentine’s Day opt for a service or experience that will inspire, comfort, or pamper your partner.

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