Grey Meets World, the Case for Natural Grey Hair

Grey Meets World, the Case for Natural Grey Hair

People can put up an epic fight when their roots turn silver. They might be making a special trip to the pharmacy for some box color. But before you succumb to tired societal expectations, maybe consider doing the unthinkable: embracing your natural grey hair.

The downside of fighting nature is that nature always wins in the end. If you commit to covering your grey, it eventually begins to look unnatural. When your hair naturally lightens up, that’s your queue to start the next phase of your life: the silver fox phase

So instead of buying into the myth that grey means you’re less virile or attractive, embrace your grey. This opens up doors for you in a way over-processing your hair never would. For one thing, you’re entering your best years right now. There’s more stability in your life, you’re likely at the peak of your career, have more options, and more leisure time. 

For another thing, you’ll be spending less time and money fighting the inevitable. You’ll have more headspace to tackle the day and become the best version of yourself yet.

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Normalizing Grey Hair

Humans like to be comparative by nature. It’s how we justify our actions, make decisions, and measure things like morality. I can expense this Michelin-Star meal because Drew did the same thing last week… or I’ve gotta stay late because that’s just what everyone does around deadlines.

The same principle holds true for how we feel about our appearance. If someone else that we admire is sporting grey hair, then you might feel better about your own silver strands. And thankfully, there are plenty of examples of men that allowed their grey to grow naturally like George Clooney or Oscar Isaac. They both went grey fairly early and have the media going ga-ga over their dapper salt and pepper look.

Ads like “she’ll love the way you look” or “take off ten years in five minutes” are thankfully becoming relics. Nowadays, there is more inclusive representation in Hollywood, ads, and other media. Society has realized that ‘natural’ is healthier and carries more meaning than artificial looks.

Normalizing Grey Hair

Tips from Barbers and Colorists

Going grey in an elegant way requires a solid plan. Partnering with your colorist is the best place to begin. They will likely recommend a consultation first. Don’t skip this step. In order to make the most of your time and give you the results you want, they need to be allowed to fully assess the situation.

The next thing you need to do is let your roots grow out. This helps the colorist match your natural shade when they mix a customized color and imitate the pattern. Some colorists will apply a temporary root color so you don’t have a band of grey while you grow your hair out. 

Finally, curb your expectations. Sometimes achieving a natural-looking silver coiffure takes multiple visits. Understanding this creates an environment of trust and respect with your colorist. That always, always, leads to the best overall experience. 

During your transition from dyed to natural grey, there will be touch-ups. The goal is for your colorist to match your natural grey color pattern as your hair grows. Eventually, the touch-ups will be phased out and you’ll officially arrive at silver fox status. Your platinum membership card is in the mail, sir.

Colorists x You: Match Made in Heaven

So you’ve made a decision: you’re going to try growing out your natural grey. So how do you go about making that transition as smoothly as possible? You need a talented and experienced colorist on your side.

When selecting your colorist, there are a few key things you need to consider. Booksy can help you make the choice since each shop will have a list of services and portfolio photos. Some shops will even have bios of their staff with years of experience and specialties. 

The biggest piece of advice from colorists is to have a consultation before the actual work begins. Yes, this is the second time we’ve mentioned it because it is that important. Just like doctors need a history before they can prescribe the right medication, colorists need to know what is in your hair before they apply product.

When going from dyed hair to natural grey, you need patience. That means sometimes taking multiple sessions to complete the process. Your colorist will be able to give you a detailed roadmap to your desired silver goals.

Colorists x You: Match Made in Heaven

Final thoughts

It’s time to break free from old-fashioned stigmas that linger around the natural aging process. The decision to embrace your grey is ultimately up to you and you should only consider it when you’re ready. Just know that you’ll be in good company when you make the leap.

It’s time for Grey Meets World. 

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