Traveling Grooming Tips for Men

Traveling Grooming Tips for Men

Has the jet-set bug bitten you this winter? Depending on where you live, you’ve probably spent the past year and a half or so inside. So now that things are loosening up, you maybe looking elsewhere for the holidays.

Whether you’re traveling to spend time with family or going on a solo adventure, you have to make sure your traveling grooming routine is on point. But if you’re clueless in that department, don’t worry, we’ve got you. Stay tuned for more traveling grooming tips.

1. Invest in a dopp kit

If you travel and don’t have one of these, consider this your sign. A dopp kit is just a bougie term for what’s commonly known as a toiletry bag. Basically, it’s a bag where you store all your traveling grooming necessities. They come equipped with tons of storage spaces for your tools. 

Most dopp kits are sleek, compact, and professional-looking—think faux leather or sturdy canvas. They’re also pretty inexpensive. A good dopp kit should only set you back around $50 or so. 

Stay looking sharp and on schedule. Book your next haircut in just a few taps.

Keep dopp kits with you on the go. Their modern style and weight can fit in any carry-on or suitcase. That way, you’ll always have a grooming solution where you’re traveling.

dopp kit example

2. Simplify your routine

You may be the person who wakes up every morning and needs a complicated routine to function normally. If that’s true, then you’re probably also the person who’s realized that copying that routine on the road isn’t the best. 


Cut down on a couple of the extra steps and just stick to what you need to do in the morning. It’s less in your dopp kit and a time saver. And if you still hit the basics, your skin won’t suffer long-term. Stick to a three-step traveling grooming process and your trip will probably be less off.

3. Skip the clippers

Especially if you’re getting a haircut before a trip. Do you really need to pack your clippers? Even if you do, are you going to lose them? Save the space in your suitcase and only pack travel-sized products that are essential. Chances are, you won’t need a daily haircut.

Besides in some countries, you’re better off leaving clippers at home. Always check to make sure your products are meeting the energy rules of where you’re traveling.

man using clippers at home instead of when traveling

4. Use the right razors

When it comes to facial hair, there’s a high chance you’ll need to shave during your trip instead of getting a haircut. Since in the United States, the TSA is pretty strict about razor blades, there’s a workaround for maintaining a sharp look. 

Go for electric razors or disposable cartridge razors. Those, you can take with you on the plane and in luggage. Plus, the chance of losing your belongings on a trip isn’t zero. Better to pack things you wouldn’t mind parting with.

5. Moisturize before travel

Here’s the thing about airports: they’re a dehydration magnet for your skin. Planes are probably worse for your skin. If you want to give it a chance of surviving a flight or long day of travel, remember to moisturize beforehand. 

People with dry skin aren’t the only ones who are affected by oxygen, so be mindful of your routine regardless of your skin type. Lock in the moisture your face needs with extra moisturizer.

moisturizing before travel

6. Incorporate hydration

This traveling grooming tip is another one for skincare. Use products that are going to keep you hydrated, because, odds are, you’ll be moving throughout your stay. The different climate and running around are going to affect your skin, so it’s best to stay ahead of the curve. 

For instance, go for hydrating facial cleansers, liquid or cream facial hair products, and a hydrating sunscreen. As for your hair, reach for travel-sized water-based formulas. 

When you’re on the go this holiday season, take these travel grooming tips with you. Keep your self-care fresh, and the reset coming back will be even sweeter. Not to mention the pics for Instagram.

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