Summer Nail Care Essentials for Men

Summer Nail Care Essentials for Men

Good grooming doesn’t begin and end in your barber’s chair. During the hot summer months, your skin and hands are exposed to drastic changes in air temp, pool chemicals, and sun UVA radiation. Equipping yourself with summer nail care essentials and grooming tips will help you weather any conditions you’ll face in warmer months. 

In order to choose the right products and techniques, you first need to know what you’re working with (skin/nail type or condition, your day-to-day work conditions, and so on). This can be tricky for some people to assess, especially if you have never given much thought to hand skincare or nail grooming before. If you’re on up for a scroll-ploration, check out this post to see what’s going on in the world of male grooming.

Once you’re ready to take action, that’s where a great nail technician comes in. They can evaluate your nail’s needs and customize a routine that is simple to maintain and shows everyone that you care about the details. 

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Find a Nail Professional

The list of stuff you need to know about nail care is pretty long. That’s why it’s a good idea for men on the go to lean on the knowledge and experience of a professional. Nail technicians are licensed experts in nail maintenance and grooming. They also are trained extensively in various skin types and understand the best practices for any skin condition you may have. Basically, they’re magicians with cuticle scissors and a nail file.

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You might take to the internet to find a nail tech in your area, but first, stop by Booksy. Booksy removes the guesswork and headache from finding a qualified and highly rated service provider. When you find a shop you’re interested in, you can include a note to the technician. This is a great place to ask questions, request an easy-to-follow at-home regimen, or anything else nail care related. Adding this extra touch to your booking makes your appointment run super smoothly because your professional is able to adequately prep to meet your exact expectations.

A Typical Nail Appointment

If you’re new to the nail care game, here is what to expect at your first appointment. Of course, each shop will have different ways of servicing you, but there are common elements you can expect. Before we dive into those, a word of advice to get off on the right foot with your new service provider: make sure you arrive a few minutes early and your hands are thoroughly washed as a courtesy to your technician. Then the magic begins.

A typical nail care session includes:

  1. Hand sanitization.
  2. Cuticle grooming. 
  3. Nail shaping and trim.
  4. Nail filing and buffing.
  5. Hydration oil or cream.

Since it’s summer, ask for an SPF cream to combat photoaging and skin care risks from the extra sun exposure. 

Before you tap ‘confirm’ in your Booksy app, don’t forget to add a note for your technician. You can confirm they will break out the SPF, are ready with a shortlist of at-home grooming products and tools, or anything else you want to pass along.

Bring Summer Nail Care Essentials Home

UVA protection isn’t the only thing you can talk about with your tech, either. A huge, brave new world has opened up for men in the realm of skincare and grooming. If you’re interested in more than just fresh nail care, read this post. Otherwise, at your nail care appointment, be sure to take full advantage of their expertise while you have their attention and ask how to maintain your nail care after your service is complete. At home, a simplified routine takes less than 5 minutes and fits into any morning regimen. Remember, hydrate first, groom second. Finish with SPF.

Recommended treatments:

  • Cuticle oil: a gentle oil that softens and hydrates your cuticles and nail beds
  • Petroleum jelly: a holy grail skincare product to use after hydration and acts as a moisture barrier
  • Hand Cream with SPF: apply in the morning and work product all over your hands, including the nails

Recommended tools:

  • Cuticle scissors: snip away excess tissue after hydration with expert precision
  • 4-way nail buffer/file: this nail care workhorse performs four functions. It files, removes ridges, smooths the nail plate, and adds shine

Be sure to lean on your nail technician for a professional, customized walkthrough so you can nail your at-home regimen (no pun intended), make your grooming session last, and promote overall nail health. Your tech will be able to make great recommendations for you, but in the meantime check out these great kits you can ship to your door.

Ready to explore your new nail care routine just in time for the hottest days of summer? Tap the button to get started.

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