5 Treatments that Stylish Men Never Skip

5 Treatments that Stylish Men Never Skip

Raise your hand if you use your shampoo as a body wash! No judgment. For many men, a good 3-in-1 body, hair, face wash is a shower staple. Suds up, rinse off, and move on, right? However, the devil is in the details when it comes to maintaining a polished, pulled-together aesthetic. You don’t need to spend every weekend wrapped in spa terrycloth robes…unless you want to. Here are 5 treatments that stylish men never skip.

1. Beard Lining

Sure, haircuts and beard trims are typical appointments in your Google calendar by now. But what about a sharp line on the edge of your beard? This finishes your look and shows that you care about the details.

The placement and design choice can change your entire look, so lean on your barber for suggestions and ideas. They understand modern and classic styles and will select the correct one for you depending on your preferences.

shaped eyebrows man

2. Eyebrow Maintenance

Brow shaping is one of those finishing touches that makes you look expensive. You might think that most people don’t notice your brows, but they do. They are a major face-framing feature and can make a powerful impact.

Stay looking sharp and on schedule. Book your next haircut in just a few taps.

You can do minor tweezing at home, but this can go wrong fast. Overplucking is a thing. The bottom line is: leave the shaping to a professional. Calculating the shape is a little technical, but your barber or esthetician will know exactly how to get the best results. The second you see the results, you’ll know it is worth it.

3. Manicures and Pedicures

In the post-pandemic era, people appreciate cleanliness more than ever. A surefire way to turn people off (clients, family, friends, or colleagues) is to show up with jagged or dirty nails. It’s such a small thing you may easily overlook it. However, having clean, tidy nails is a must for a polished man. 

Nail grooming should be done on a weekly basis. That is easy enough to do on your own, but once in a while, consider a professional manicure and pedicure. These treatments are far more involved than what you do at home.

Traditional manicures and pedicures for men are usually quick and easy appointments. Hit the refresh button by scheduling your appointment on the Booksy app.

4. Collagen Treatments

Collagen isn’t just for filling lips and cheekbones. Collagen is gaining steam in the hair care industry for its restorative properties. Essentially this miracle ingredient can lead to thicker, stronger hair. You can infuse collagen into your hair routine in several ways. 

First, there are masks (deep conditioning treatments) that you apply, allow to sit on the hair, then rinse. Secondly, there are the ubiquitous collagen gummies you can snag at any grocery store. This is essentially adding collagen to your diet. Thirdly, there are leave-in mists that fortify your hair.

There are several other options, but before you start shipping items to your door, ask a professional what if this is right for your hair.

hydrating mask

5. Ditch 3-in-1s

Ok, this one isn’t a treatment. It’s more of a lifestyle choice. But nevertheless, it is super important to your overall look that we had to include it.

You might be used to buying a scant few items for your grooming routine. Those 3-in-1s are tempting, after all. While they can certainly be economical, they do nothing for you. In fact, they can work against your grooming goals. 

You can’t get a targeted solution for your dry skin in a 3-in-1. Most combination products end up being too harsh and cause more issues than they solve.

For some reason, having specialized products and self-care equipment has a reputation for being feminine. The truth is, skin is skin and hair is hair. There is nothing inherently feminine or masculine about the products you can find in the soap aisle. It only helps to have the right stuff in your shower caddy.


Your hair, skin, and nail care are probably the last things on your list of priorities. Between work, the gym routine, grocery shopping, and outings with friends there isn’t a lot of time left over. That’s why these appointments should live on repeat in your calendar. When you book them, you’re sure to never miss them. Then you never fall behind on the important little details. With the Booksy app and the professionals in your area, you can make the right decision for each service that works with your busy lifestyle.

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