Back-to-School Grooming for Men

Back-to-School Grooming for Men

Getting everyone in the family scheduled for their back-to-school beauty and barber appointments can be a huge time sink. Between last-minute errands and making the Zoom calls with the new teachers, keeping the schedule on track is hard. Plus, you’ve got to make time to refresh your own look in the spirit of back-to-school grooming.

It takes coordinating everyone’s individual schedules, checking availability online, and calling around to make it all happen. That’s a lot of tabs open…

Well, that is until now. With Booksy’s new Friends & Family feature, you can get all your back-to-school beauty and barber appointments booked in just a few taps. Here’s how to get your skincare routine set, your appointments booked, and ready to go just in time for the busy fall season.

Easy scheduling: You, family & friends

We all know how important rest and relaxation is to our general health. But finding time for yourself between work, back-to-school schedules, and everything else going on makes it a difficult ask.

Stay looking sharp and on schedule. Book your next haircut in just a few taps.

Block scheduling your time is a lifesaver. And if your goal is to make sure you’re fitting in your barber trips and keeping the calendar moving for your family, then stacking appointments together is your best move. 

With the Friends & Family feature, you can schedule your entire family’s hair, skincare, and grooming appointments at the same time. Add Friends & Family to your Booksy Profile and book everyone all at once. Partner, kids, even the family pet…all booked faster than the time it takes to log onto a Zoom call.

Ready to unlock a whole new level of convenience?

Professional Back-to-School Tips 

Nicole Richardson makeup professional

Everyone has varying skincare needs. You might have dry, combination, or oily skin. You may have redness or blemishes, tired eyes, or any other concern. Knowing your options in the skincare aisle makes all the difference.

Skincare and Makeup expert, Nicole Richarson, points us in the right direction when it comes to a great capsule skincare product list. Then to tie it up with a bow, she offers the ideal routine that you can follow or customize based on your own needs.

Nicole’s Skincare Essentials List:

When you’re stocking up on supplies before the fall, consider what you will need. It’s always a good rule of thumb to cleanse, moisturize, and use SPF. 

back to school grooming for men

Back-to-School Makeup for Men

Yes, men wear makeup. From just a light concealer for dark circles to ‘full face,’ makeup for men is becoming more mainstream. And of course, anyone with skin needs skin care. Skin is skin. No matter if you are male, female, or nonbinary, this is how to take care of yourself.

Even your skin tone or cover a blemish with a tinted moisturizer with SPF. Select a color close to your natural complexion and prep for application by cleansing and moisturizing first.

This adds a subtle coverage while it hydrates, smooths, and protects against UVA/B radiation. Then add a light blush to bring out youthfulness and a lip balm to prevent chapping. 

Here’s Nicole’s tip on how to expertly apply foundations or tinted moisturizers:

“Blending [foundation/concealer/tinted moisterizer] will give you nice coverage, it helps to ensure your makeup looks seamless and polished. 

Blend…until it melts into your skin.”

Whatever your comfort level with skincare and makeup, feel empowered to experiment with what is available on the market.

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dad school drop off


Back-to-school personal maintenance routines are important, but it doesn’t have to take up a huge chunk of your time. Make your calendar work smarter, not harder by scheduling similar things (like those hair appointments, for example) all at the same time.

With Family & Friends from Booksy, you can make sure the entire family, and say goodbye to the stress of coordinating everyone’s schedules.

Save yourself time and headaches by trying this new feature today. When you book on Booksy, your family will be in and out of the chair and onto the next thing in no time. 

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