Hop On These Summer Beauty Trends!

Hop On These Summer Beauty Trends!

June is here, our coffee order has changed to iced, and we couldn’t be happier! It’s been an interesting start to summer, but we’ve made it this far and going strong. A major plus is we’ve had tons of time to prep for the beauty trends that are going to emerge like the crowds on Black Friday once the world fully reopens. We can confidently say we’ll be ready for it! Will you? Here are our favorite summer beauty trends for 2020!


Summer Beauty Trend: Mullets Are Back!

Note: Joe Exotic does NOT get props for starting this trend. We prefer the beautiful work of one of our favorite Las Vegas stylists, Alex McDonald. The mullet is coming back as an edgy, effortless, and fun style.

Summer Beauty Trend: The Shag

We’re not letting Alex McDonald off the hook yet. We’re shifting the brag to the shag (ha! Was that a dad joke?). We could scroll through Alex’s Instagram for days to feed our “before and after” obsession.

Summer Beauty Trend: Heatless Waves

We’re all about this trend, not only because it looks great in the end but because it plays to healthy locks! One of our ambassadors, Megan Hollinger, showed us her nighttime braid routine to achieve natural, heatless, healthy curls. 

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Have any TikTok scrollers seen the infamous towel braid method? Another hot trend popping up that requires no outlets, and minimal effort! 


Summer Beauty Trend: Multi-Colored Nails

You know when you just cannot pick a color? You sit there debating for hours? Not with this trend! Multi-colored nail styles are taking over and we’re in for it. Our personal favorite is a panel of pastels, another trend that’s up and coming this summer season.

Summer Beauty Trend: Neon Pigments

We can all agree that neon will never go away. It’s a trend that comes back time and time again, adding spice to our life when we need it most. This trend adds a pop of color to any outfit, it might as well be an accessory.

@emilythenailtech Trying out the new summer nail trend💅🌈 #neonpigments #nails #nailart #fyp #learnontiktok #got2bhome #quarentinenails #nailcheck #nailtech #nailvideo ♬ ROCKSTAR – DaBaby, Roddy Ricch


Summer Beauty Trend: Neon Makeup

We are here for this statement-maker. Make your eyes pop this summer with neon shades! Neon lips, neon eyeshadow, neon liner — the options are endless. 

Summer Beauty Trend: Floating Eyeliner

Okay, how fun and different is this? Giving a whole new meaning to eyeliner, the floating-style will not only make your eyes look bigger, but also accentuate the brows. Traveling somewhere and forgot to throw your shadow in your bag? Add your liner to your upper lid for that same pop of color. 

floating eyeliner
Photo from rimmellondon.com

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