Best Summer Beauty & Spa Treatments

Best Summer Beauty & Spa Treatments

Summer months are a time when many of us plan a vacation, take some time off to relax, and, basically, we recharge our batteries. However, during this time, our body may need that extra care. With high temperatures and dry air, proper care is not only recommended, but it’s a necessity. So what are some of the key beauty and spa treatments you’ll want to consider? Read on to learn about them!

Hands & feet

Some people are manicure or pedicure wizards and can paint their nails with skill, anywhere and anytime. However, for the rest of us mere mortals, an at-home mani can end up looking more like an art project than a beautiful set. So, opting for a spa or nail tech visit is probably a better idea. 

Getting a mani and pedi done by a professional is also definitely the safest option. Additionally, the effect will also stay longer. If you’re in the need of a new nail tech or salon in your area, you can always use Booksy. There, you’ll find top-rated pros in your area, as well as reviews of spa treatments that’ll keep you looking incredible.

If a pro mani-pedi sounds like right up your alley, let’s talk about what to look for when you’re ready to book a service.

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During the summer, if you’re traveling consistently, your hands and feet can use something more than just a regular mani-pedi. A great option is paraffin wax. Dry, cracked skin can benefit from the natural formula of paraffin. Think of it as an ultra-moisturizer. You can get one for your hands and feet. Your skin will be more hydrated, smoother, and nourished.

Foot spa example


You’ve probably heard of cupping before, as many athletes and celebrities, like Gwyneth Paltrow, have done their part in popularizing the treatment. For those who don’t know, cupping is an ancient practice that is said to improve blood circulation and relieve muscle tension. 

So how does cupping work?

The secret behind cupping comes from its use of pressure. A specialist will bring red blood cells to the desired area by placing a special cup on your skin and pulling it into a suction. In effect, these red blood cells will begin healing the layers of muscle you have, going extremely deep. So those of you who have serious muscle tension will benefit from this spa treatment.

Keep in mind that after, you will see marks where cups were placed. Think about the marks you get when fabric or bracelets are a little too tight on your skin.

Example of cupping treatment.

Facial treatments

During sunny months, you’ll want to stay away from strong anti-aging creams, facial serums, acids, and peels. Why? Dermatologists advise against using invasive exfoliating products and active substances during the summer. Such products, when combined with the intense UV rays coming from the sun, can irritate your skin. 

When you’re when booking you spa treatments, a service for your around your eye area will always be beneficial, and the delicate skin under your eyes will be thankful. A professional targets that area and makes sure it’s handled with care. Plus, if you add to that a hydrating facial mask, you can’t go wrong. But ultimately, don’t be afraid to consult with your provider before giving the stamp of approval. After all—they’re the skin treatment expert.

An example of an under-eye mask.

During the summer months, focus on minimalism and choose trusted products, whether they’re recommended by a service provider or industry expert. As always, if you’re in need of an expert opinion and want help finding one, feel free to start your search on Booksy. Depending on your comfort level, some service providers might even travel to you. 

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