Short nails manicure – the comeback of classic and simple nail designs?

Short nails manicure – the comeback of classic and simple nail designs?

With so many celebrities sporting nail extensions, no wonder long nails are all the rage. However, some of us still prefer to keep our nails short. After all, for many, long nails are simply an inconvenience. They aren’t an option for others due to their line of work. And even though some believe short nails are dull and aren’t trendy, we’re here to prove otherwise! Take a look at some short nail ideas we’ve rounded up for you to try out!

Classy short nail designs

There is something simple yet elegant when it comes to short nail designs, especially when they have a natural look to them. A modest design will not draw attention away from your outfit and will serve as an excellent base for various types of rings. However, sometimes we want to shake things up. With so many methods and styles out there, even those with the shortest nails can find something that will suit them. Trust us, you won’t have to give up on your dream of an Insta-worthy manicure! Here are some ideas for simple classy short nails.

Acrylic designs for short nails

Although acrylics make us immediately think of long nails, they work perfectly fine for short nail manicures. In fact, you can achieve trendy short acrylic nails without the necessity of going for extensions. Acrylic nail ideas can be intricate, even extravagant, but they can also look amazing on short nails. Simply put, you can get that wow factor without the inconvenience of long nails. With so many options available, you shouldn’t have a problem finding cute and trendy short acrylic nail designs.

Bonjour!–short French tip nails

We know, short French tips have had a bad rep for quite some time. However, we are firm believers that this nail trend is back. The thing about this type of manicure is that short French tip nails, arguably, look better than long French tip nails. A short natural French manicure can be a perfect way to take your look to the next level without pulling attention away from your new handbag or watch. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what nail shape you like, as short square French tip nails look equally good as their round version.

Opt for some short French tip nails to add class to your look
Opt for some short French tip nails to add class to your look

Short gel nail designs

Gel nails are also controversial, as they are often associated with nail damage. However, we need to remember that said damage occurs not from the gel itself, but from improper removal. That’s why a gel manicure can also be an excellent idea if you prefer short nails. With so many gel nail designs for short nails, you’ll consider dropping long nails once and for all. Classy short gel nails will become a true game changer. You can opt for a more subtle look, with short and natural gel nails, or trendy short gel nail designs. The internet is overflowing with short gel nail ideas! Finally, in this case, length doesn’t matter–very short gel nails can look as astonishing as any longer nail style.

Short doesn’t mean boring–try out short ombre nails

Ready to shake things up? If yes, consider getting some short ombre nails. The ombre technique swooped in and took the internet by storm. The remarkable thing about it is that it can both act as a finished look and a base for more nail art. So if you’re looking for a richer look, try short ombre nails with glitter, a floral design, or any other style you like. This way, your manicure can make a fashion statement on its own!

How about some short shellac nails?

If you’ve become bored with acrylics or gel nails, and want to try something different, shellac nails may be just what you’ve been looking for. As they are also a type of long-lasting manicure, shellac nails can remain chip-free for up to two weeks. Moreover, Shellac is often considered one of the safest types of gels. This way you can remain calm about the state of your nail plate upon removal. Looking for something new? Go for some short shellac nails!

Short rounded nails or short square nails?

As with many things, everything mani related can cause a divide in preference. We often encounter that nail shape is one of them; on one side, you have the rounded nails camp and on the other, the square nails aficionados. Whatever side you’re on, both shapes look good on short nails. Short, round nail designs and short, square nail designs can allow you to achieve the style you’ve been dreaming of.

Summer of nails

What better time to experiment with cool nail designs than during the summer? Summer allows you to show off your hands without having to hide them away from the cold. With so many summer short nail designs, you can get a mani that will match the season. And don’t worry, you won’t need long nail plates for these styles! Go for a tropical-style design, some colourful animal prints, or a sun-kissed nail look. Show off your beautiful short summer nails no matter where you go, whether it’s the beach or your office. Bring some summer with you wherever you go!

Try out some cool summer short nail designs
Try out some cool summer short nail designs

Nail designs for fall and winter 2022

Even though many of us would like summer to stay forever, fall and winter have their perks. One of these perks is darker nail designs. Moreover, short fall nails or short winter nails don’t have to mean a simple coat of black or brown polish. Step up your game and take inspiration from these seasons. Get some short ombre nails that incorporate the changing colour leaves, or add a dash of glitter to your short French tips to imitate the glistening of snow. With so many beautiful things you can find in nature, you’ll be able to come up with many new ideas for your fall and winter manis.

What are the best nail colours for short nails?

If you’re after a delicate mani, opting for nude colours may be the way to go. Nudes, like the powdered shades of pink, off-white hues, greys, or ivory, can be the best colours for short nails. This is because they don’t create a strong contrast between your finger and nail plate. You can also opt for a matte top coat to add a touch of class. That being said, we believe you should wear whatever nail colours you like, whether it’s a subtle pink or loud red, just do you!

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