5 tips & tricks that will make your manicure last!

5 tips & tricks that will make your manicure last!

Is there anything more annoying than getting a beautiful mani done only for it to start chipping off after just barely a few days? You spend a long time perfecting your work of art, get excited about the colour and design… and then you notice the first crack. Just terrible! Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can do to make your manicure last a bit longer and reduce the risk of getting it ruined way too quickly. Curious about what we have up our sleeves? Keep reading!

Tip 1: Go for shorter nails

Yes, we all love the sharp (not sorry for that) look of stilettos and let the one who never wanted to rock ballerinas be the first who casts a stone (preferably a rhinestone). However, shorter shapes are less prone to chipping – for a few reasons. Firstly, you simply have less space to hit other things with and secondly, you are less likely to, as your nails are not so much longer than your actual fingers. Finally, longer shapes tend to have finer, more pointy ends that take possible bumps much harder.

Tip: Consider opting for shorter styles, such as ovals, almonds or squovals for your daily manis, leaving the show-stopping stilettos, ballerinas and arrowheads for special occasions!

Tip 2: Keep your nails moisturised (and the cuticles too)

You may be wondering – why would the dryness of my nails affect how long the polish stays flawless? Well, it actually has a logical explanation – if the area lacks moisture, it’s more prone to tears and cracks. It’s best to apply hand cream as often as possible and use both cuticle oil and cream daily, preferably before going to bed. It will help you maintain a well-nourished skin and nail plate, making your mani less likely to start chipping prematurely.

Tip 3: Make sure to always use both base and top coat

Base coats are usually clear polishes that prep your nail for the actual colour by smoothing and straightening the plate. Their properties contribute to much longer wear, so using them each time you are working on your fresh mani is a good habit. Top coats, on the other hand, can change the overall appearance of the manicure by either making your nails super shiny or completely matte, make the polish dry faster, and – you guessed it – prevent chipping, expanding the wear time.

Tip: When shopping for both the base and top coat, scan for products that use claims such as “no-chip”, “anti-chip”, “long-wear”, “extended wear” or simply “long-lasting”.

Tip 4: Try to avoid getting the polish on your cuticles

Yes, we know, it’s difficult, especially if you are just polishing (not sorry about this one either!) your skills. But it’s a fact that such a small mishap may shorten the lifecycle of your mani. You see, nail polish comes off much quicker from your cuticle than from your actual nail plate. Once sealed between the skin and nail, when it lifts off your cuticle, it takes the polish from the nail itself along with it. The only answer to this issue is to practice, really – and stay focused when painting your nails. But do not overthink it, it will simply get easier with time!

Tip 5: Mind what you do with your hands (and wear gloves!)

Freshly manicured nails do not like activities that include soaking your hands in water and harsh chemicals, such as washing the dishes (and let’s be honest, who does). Unfortunately, washing and cleaning are rather unavoidable – but you can lessen the impact by wearing protective gloves whenever you are doing some household chores.

Furthermore, avoid picking, biting and harshly tapping your nails around. We know it’s oftentimes a stress-induced habit one does subconsciously, but it is not a healthy one! If playing with your hands helps you to wind down, try squeezing a stress ball or get one of these cool stress-relieving cubes that come with plenty of elements that you can click, push, rotate, and roll. It’s much better for both your mental health, condition of skin and manicure!

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