How to strengthen nails after removing gel manicure

How to strengthen nails after removing gel manicure

Gel manicure is always the most desirable option for many nail art enthusiasts because of its signature glossy look and longevity. If applied and removed correctly, gels should not cause damage to your nails. However, sometimes after gel removal, you may notice that your nails are peeling, flaking and breaking.

Gel manicure is heavy on your nails and does not allow them to breathe freely. Experts recommend taking breaks to avoid excessive nail damage. If you must use gel manicures continuously, it is crucial to understand how to treat your nails after every removal and before your next gel appointment.

How to Strengthen Nails After Gel

If you feel that your nails require some tender care, look at the top tips listed below that you can use to strengthen nails after a gel manicure.

Hydrate Your Nails Using Moisturising Products

The first and most crucial tip of taking care of nails after gel manicure is hydrating them, as well as cuticles and nail beds, by using the best moisturising products. Cuticle oil is the most recommended nail moisturiser, and you should apply it to the nail and massage it into the cuticle. Cuticle oil penetrates through the nail plate, adding flexibility which makes the nail strong and prevents breaking. It also makes a protective layer that prevents water from soaking into the nail and making it weak. Another crucial moisturising product is a thick hand cream that you should apply generously to the skin around your nails. You should moisturise every day for your damaged nails to heal and become stronger.

Give Your Nails a Break from Gel Manicure

Taking a break from gel helps strengthen your nails by giving them enough time to rehydrate and completely repair nail beds and cuticles. Manicurists say that they always notice an improvement in the strength and health of their client’s nails after a gel break. While taking a break, you can use moisturisers, strengtheners or nail treatments to boost your nail health and growth.

Cut Your Nails Short

Consider cutting your nails short and giving them time to become stronger and healthier as they grow again. If your long nails are damaged after gel removal, hitting items randomly will only do more damage to your cuticles. Besides, long unhealthy nails are not aesthetically pleasing.

Strengthen Your Nails from the Inside Out

If you wonder how to strengthen nails permanently, you should check on your diet choices and consider taking nail strengthening supplements. Supplements are a good option because you can easily add them to your everyday routine, and they are absorbed quickly into your body. Some crucial supplements for healthy nails are collagen and biotin. Collagen is an essential protein that improves the health of your hair, skin and nails. Biotin is a vitamin responsible for the production of keratin, which enhances the growth of nails. Biotin supplements can turn your brittle and weak nails into long healthy nails within a couple of months.

Another important way to strengthen your nails from the inside out is by sticking to a healthy diet and incorporating foods rich in biotin, protein and calcium such as nuts, eggs, dairy foods, almonds, salmon, leafy greens, cauliflowers and avocados.

Apply a Nail Strengthener

A nail strengthener is a base coat that forms a protective layer over your nails, making them strong after some time. After gel removal, you should apply the strengthener once or twice a day until your nails become strong and healthy again. There are so many nail strengthners on the beauty market, but you should choose those that target nail problems and have keratin components.

Use Gentle Soaps and Cleansers

You should avoid harsh soaps and cleansers because they will only weaken your already damaged nails, making them worse. Choose gentle hand washes that leave your hands feeling soft and moisturised.

Improve Your Water Intake

Drinking enough water is beneficial to your body and nails in numerous ways, with hydration being a significant benefit. If you do not take enough water, it will result in dehydration which causes nail problems such as breakage, peeling and weakness. Your cuticles and hands also need water to stay healthy and look nourished.

Make Use of Keratin Treatment Products

Keratin is a crucial protein responsible for the growth of healthy-looking hair and nails. Most people are familiar with a keratin treatment for hair problems, but there are also keratin products for healthy nails. For example, you can purchase keratin gloves from a beauty shop and wear them to treat your nails and prevent breaking, peeling and splitting.

Avoid Excessive Water Exposure

Nails absorb water quicker than they absorb any oil. When they absorb a lot of water, they expand and contract when it evaporates. This continuous expansion and contraction of your nails interferes with the bonds between your nails’ cells, causing damage through breaking and peeling. You can use gloves if you engage in activities that need your hands submerged in water for a long time. Besides, make sure to moisturise with cuticle oil and apply strengtheners after any chore involving your nails being in contact with water for long.


Taking care of nails after gel manicure requires you to have patience and trust the process because results do not always come overnight. As long as you are consistent with applying the correct nail products, watch as your nails become the healthiest and longest they have ever been. The tips above should help your restore the health of your damaged nails, but if you notice no change, consider visiting a nail expert for further guidance.

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