How long do gel nails last and how to make them last longer

How long do gel nails last and how to make them last longer

In today’s fast-paced world, most of us simply don’t have time to do our nails every few days. That’s why manicures such as nail gels have become such a godsend. Now you can tend to your nails only once or twice a month! That said, some people may be experiencing early wear of their gel nails. This begs the question, how to make gel nails last longer? Today we’ll be answering not only that but also taking a closer look at gel manicures in particular. So how long do gel nails last? Let’s find out!

What are gel nails?

Gel nails, or a gel manicure, is a nail treatment consisting of prepping the nails, applying a base coat, nail polish, and top coat, and curing with a UV/LED lamp after each coat. The trick lies in the curing process, during which each applied coat hardens, thus resulting in a chip-free manicure. Gel nails are particularly favored also because of their versatility. They can be done on natural nails or nail extensions. 

How long do gel nails last?

Typically, you can expect gel nails to last between two to three weeks. However, this can vary, as every person has a different nail regrowth cycle. In some cases, nail regrowth will appear sooner and, in others, later. That said, nail technicians encourage removing the set after two weeks so as not to compromise the health of your nails. 

How often can I get a gel manicure?

How often you get a gel mani mostly depends on the condition of your nails. There isn’t really one definitive answer, as the frequency should be decided on a personal basis. Some people have stronger nails and can go on months without taking a break between manis. Others will need to allow their nails to breathe between manicures to prevent them from becoming brittle. To sum up–examine your nails after the removal of the previous set and ask your nail tech for advice. If they are in good shape, go for the next gel mani. If they have become soft and brittle, take a break from nail treatments.

How to make gel nails last longer?

Although gel nails should last those two to three weeks, some people may find them wearing away a bit sooner. So what can you do in such a case? How do you make gel nails last longer? Here are a few tips!

  1. Keep your nails under the lamp a little while longer

The curing process is what gives durability to gel nails. In some cases, you may have been keeping your nails under the UV/LED light a little too short. This can stem from the fact that lamps can have different power and different settings. If you are doing your gel nails at home, make sure to read through the instruction manual of your lamp. 

  1. Use cuticle oil

Even though it’s called cuticle oil, it also helps keep your nails healthy. It will not only hydrate your cuticles but also help prevent your nails from becoming brittle, thus keeping your gel nails from chipping. Use cuticle oil once or twice a day, all throughout the duration of your gel mani.

  1. Use protective gloves while cleaning

Yes, gel nails are chip-free and can withstand a lot, but when you clean your home, they come in contact with harsh chemicals. To prevent them from wearing caused by cleaning products, ensure you wear rubber gloves when handling them.

  1. Keep a nail file and top coat close

So let’s say it happened, you snagged a nail. Don’t panic, this doesn’t mean you need to run to your nail salon to get it fixed. Instead, smooth that part of your nail with a file or buffer. If you are concerned about further chipping, go over the exposed part of the nail with a regular top coat, thus sealing it and prolonging your gel mani.

Are gel nails safe?

As far as both the application and removal process is performed correctly and the products used are good quality, a gel manicure is perfectly safe. And yes, there are opinions stating that gel nails lead to brittleness and damage. However, this misconception is based on situations where a gel manicure was applied or removed incorrectly. Also, peeling off the gel can cause serious damage to your nail bed, so ensure you never peel even the slightest bit.

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