10 the best nail colours for fall. Get the most trendy nails for fall 2023!

10 the best nail colours for fall

Autumn is arguably the hottest season in the world of nail design. While beautiful-looking hands with colourful nails never go out of style, long autumn evenings (and not soaking for half a day in the pool) are especially conducive to focusing on nail art. So, if you are looking for autumn nail ideas we have a handy (pun maybe intended) list of the most fashionable shades just for you!

Red autumn nails: vampiric crimson, candy apple red and soft brick red

Red is a classic, no one can argue with that. It’s also wonderfully versatile and fits most of us, regardless of age, gender or occupation. Nevertheless, depending on the season, different hues of red become more favoured than others. This fall, there are three different trends regarding our beloved reds: vampiric crimson, candy apple red and soft brick red.

Vampiric crimson

A vampiric crimson is an option for the bold. It’s one of these dark fall nail colours that gets especially popular around Halloween. Crimson is very deep, with a noticeably red undertone, and can look slightly purple on certain skin tones. It’s dramatic yet elegant – and will add any outfit a bit of an edge.

Candy apple red

Candy apple red is a more playful take on the colour. It is supposed to emulate the red sugar coating on candied apples – which makes it yet another Halloween-inspired hue! To achieve the effect, it will be necessary to use polish with a glossy finish and use a red glitter top coat. Candy apple red will make any look more lively, and can be a wonderful spark of colour added to an otherwise neutral look.

Soft brick red

Soft brick red is a paler, more milky version of brick red. It’s warmer and more browny than classic red and is a perfect proposition if you are looking for truly classy autumn nails. It’s still a statement piece but is not as obvious as the other shades of red. It’s especially beautiful on darker skin tones and will look brilliant both in a matte and glossy finish.

Brown autumn nails: caramel and milk chocolate

Brown nails are queens of autumn. On darker skin tones, they are elegant nudes, and on lighter skin tones, they are a sleek alternative to the nude look. Furthermore, they tend to elongate the fingers, making your hands look more slender.

Caramel brown

Caramel is a warm, light shade of brown that can look almost beige in certain lights. It looks just like a spoonful of caramel or a delicious piece of fudge! It fits medium and darker skin tones the most, especially if your own skin shade is of a warmer undertone. Thanks to being so neutral, they work great for short autumn-themed nails, which is good news for those of us who prefer to keep their manicures quite simple!

Milk chocolate brown

Milk chocolate is also a rather light shade of brown, but much cooler than caramel. It is soft, milky and very refined. It looks wonderful on medium and darker skin tones, especially those with a cooler undertone, but will fit lighter skin tones as well. Milk chocolate pairs well with vintage autumn outfits, especially those including leather, as well as all these white and neutral sweaters we all love to wear in fall!

Orange fall nails: pumpkin

There is no better time to sport orange nails than autumn. They are one of the most popular fall nail colours – which is to be expected because early autumn is all about the warm shades of falling leaves and pumpkins! Speaking of which, the most popular orange hue of this season is…

Pumpkin orange

In the fall, we leave the neon-y orange shades behind us, choosing the more sophisticated, muted versions of the colour instead. Pumpkin orange is very warm, rich and slightly brown. It is great not only for Halloween but also the entire season – especially when paired with a little bit of autumn-themed nail art designs.

Green autumn nails: forest and olive

Green nails are rising in popularity – lately, they become very trendy and many nail fashionistas are wearing them with pride. Again, instead of the very bright, neon shades, in autumn we are choosing richer jewel tones and softer, more muted, almost greyish greens.

Forest green

Forest green is a rich, deep and bold shade of green that can be a fantastic alternative to crimson red. You can even pair these two, as they are contrasting colours – it’s a risky move, but the effect will entice you! Forest green is especially flattering in a sparkly finish, so if you are looking for a colour for your glitter autumn nails, this may be an option for you.

Olive green

Olive green is a non-obvious colour that looks very harmonious and evokes associations with nature. It pairs well with neutral shades, but can also be a great contrast to reds (especially the aforementioned soft brick reds!). Due to its soft and muted nature, it will be a beautiful shade for short autumn nails.

Grey autumn nails: steel and charcoal

Finally, it’s time for two options that may be pretty intimidating for some, but can become your new favourite autumn nail colours if you feel like being kinda moody and edgy. A little bit of warning there – grey may wash out certain skin tones, so be careful with it if your complexion is naturally slightly greyish.

Steel grey

Steel grey is not too light and not too dark, and has the tiniest drop of blue in it. It is very elegant, and perfect for the hard-working businessmen and businesswomen out there – it will fit business casual clothes great and give you that tiny bit of spice! For an even better effect, choose steel grey in a glossy, high-shine finish.

Charcoal grey

Charcoal grey is almost black and is a brilliant alternative to pitch-black nails. If you really like that Halloween mood but are tired of obvious fall nail colours, try charcoal. It is dramatic but classy and tasteful. Charcoal grey in a full matte finish may become your new autumn nail classic!

If you want your autumn nails design to be long-lasting, it’s best to get them done professionally. Classic nail polishes usually start to chip after 5-7 days, so you may want to consider getting gel nails for your autumn look, or, alternatively, shellacs or acrylics.

If you are not sure which technique to choose, check our article that compares gel and shellac manicures! And don’t forget to use Booksy to find the best nail technicians in your area and schedule your appointment in just a few seconds. 💅

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