How to apply nail stickers

How to apply nail stickers

If you are looking for an easy way to have perfect nails an or incorporate designs that are hard to replicate with nail polish, nail stickers are the best option. Stickers differ from wraps in that they do not cover your entire nail. Instead, they are intricate designs that cover a part of the nail, mostly at the centre or the top.

Nail wrappers cover the entire nails and do not need a topcoat or polishing. They use a different procedure for application than we shall discuss in this article. Read on to learn how to apply nail stickers like a professional beautician.

Choose Your Stickers

There is a wide variety of stickers in the market, from bold to simple. Your choice depends on your style and preference. Here are some of the available choices.

Christmas stickers: Christmas stickers come in various forms. You can have images of Santa, gift wrappings, deers, father Christmas hats, carriages, boots and pearls among others.
• Floral stickers: These are the most common type of stickers. There are over countless types of flowers that you can stick to your nails and come in a variety of sizes, shades and combinations. Therefore, you will get one for any need.
• Vinyl stickers: Vinyl stickers are the ideal choice if you love glittery stuff. They come in all shapes and designs, including animals, insects, leaves and abstract images.
• Nature-inspired stickers: Do you fancy a flamingo, a bird or a sprout on your nails? Nature-inspired stickers are amazing and come in many colours.

The Process of Applying Stickers Flawlessly

Clean and Dry Your Nail

Ensure that you nails are clean and dried before you apply a sticker. When the nail is not well-dried, the sticker might come off or fail to stick at all ends. If you had applied shellac or gel, be sure to cure the last layer before the application.

Polish Your Nails

Before applying the stickers ensure that you apply a base or clear nail polish. If you wish to have a background of a particular colour, apply it to the nail. On the other hand, if you wish to work with negative space, apply clear nail polish. This is because nails produce their own natural oils, which may make it hard for the sticker to adhere to the surface for long.

Lift the Stickers with a Pair of Tweezers

The stickers come on a sheet that covers the side that contains the adhesive. Use a pair of tweezers to lift the stickers off the sheet and apply them to your nails. Avoid touching the sticky side as it will stick to your finger and fail to stick properly on the nail.

Place the stickers Gently onto Your Nail

As explained earlier, the sticker does not cover the entire nail. You have to determine the right position to place the sticker. Once you are okay with the position, place it gently on the nail. Then, use a silicon tool to place it down.

Smoothen out the Sticker from the Center

Once you have placed the sticker onto your nail, use the silicon tool to straighten out any creases. This helps remove any air bubbles that may be trapped under the sticker. Be gentle when doing this in order to avoid scratching the surface of the sticker.

Trim the Edges for Large Stickers

Once you have applied the sticker, ensure that it fits perfectly on your nail bed or at the top edge. If it is not possible due to the positioning of the sticker, use cuticle nippers to remove any material that goes over the edge of the sticker. You can also use a file to remove the excess material. Remember, some designs may not look great when clipped. Therefore, check the placement when sticking it over the nail first.

Apply Two Coats of the Top Coat

You need to seal the stickers to remain in position without getting degraded fast. Apply a top coat over the nail and the sticker. Applying the topcoat on the sticker also gives it a glossy finish. Use the appropriate option for shellac and gel options.

How to Remove the Stickers

Now that you know how to apply nail art stickers, you should also know how to remove them when the time comes. Once the stickers start to lift from the edges, you need to remove them. You can remove them before then if you wish to change your nail art style. Here is a quick process to remove them with ease.

Peel the Sticker

If the sticker has been on the nail for at least two weeks, you can pull it out with ease without requiring any additional equipment. Avoid scratching the surface of your nail using sharp instruments. Instead, use the methods discussed below. However, if an edge is lifted, pull the sticker from that side and remove it entirely.

Soak in Acetone

An acetone soak is a great way to remove stubborn nail polish. We recommend that you use some petroleum jelly to protect your cuticles during the soaking process. Then pour some acetone into a small bowl and place the fingers with stickers into the solvent for ten minutes.

After the elapse of time, you can use an orange stick to lift the stickers off your nails. If you find stickers that are still bonded to the nail, repeat the soak for another ten minutes.

Soak in Hot Water

If you wish to avoid the acetone, you can remove the stickers with hot water. Pour some warm water into a bowl and add a few drops of the dishwashing soap. Then, place the hands into the bowl and allow the nails to soak for at least 20 minutes. Check if the stickers are loose and peel them gently.

Other Things to Note

Now that you know how to use nail stickers, learn other tips to follow below.

Acetone Dries Your Nails

If you use acetone to remove your stickers, you should know that it will dry your nails. Therefore, you need to nourish your nails after the procedure.

We recommend that you use cuticle oil on the nail. Cuticle oils are heavy moisturizing agents and lock the moisture within the nail. This helps prevent such conditions as pitting, cracking and chipping. Apply the cuticle oil for a few days from the day you remove the stickers to keep the nails in good health.

Symmetry is important

When applying any stickers ensure that you check the symmetry of your stickers. For a sticker to look good, it must be precisely placed in the right position of the nail. Plan the point you wish to place the nail and ascertain how it would look with the rest of the nail art. If you are not sure that the nail will look great after placing the sticker in that position, you may use a nail stencil to determine the correct position. This is especially important when learning how to apply nail stickers on short nails.

Give Your Nails a Breather

It is good to give your nails a breather after wearing stickers for some time. The same goes for when you apply the nail polish for some time. Giving the nails a breather allows them to recover the oils lost during the procedures and heal. We recommend removing the stickers at least two days before the day that you are planning to put a new one. In the two days, ensure that you moisturize the nail using cuticle oils.

Simpler Designs Look Better

The simpler the design the more elegant the resulting nail art. While there is no limit to what you can do with stickers, strive to go for simple yet elegant nail art. You may go for two to three colours including the original nail polish that you had worn on your nail.

The choice of colours depends on your preference and the style that you want to bring out. Go for bold colours and complex designs if you want to highlight your nails and attract attention to them. However, if you wish to have a professional look, go for one or two colours and simple designs.

Play with Colors and Shapes

Since the sticker does not cover the entire nail, you can play with designs. For example, you can pick a monochromatic colour for the nail and layer it with grey or black designs on a sticker to complete the neutral feel.

On the other hand, you can use the natural colour of your nails to create a two-colour design with stickers. A combination of stickers can also bring out different designs for your nail art. Just make sure that the shapes can flow into each other or create symmetry when looked at from the side.

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