Female Grooming Styles: Most Popular Women’s Pubic Hair Trends

pubic hair styles

Maybe you’re going on a vacation somewhere tropical or maybe you just want smooth skin in your bikini area for personal comfort. Whatever the case, we can tell you that bikini waxing is truly gaining more and more fans. After all, getting a professional bikini wax at a salon is a guarantee of a long-lasting effect and smooth skin. When it comes to the waxing of your bikini areas the most common are a classic bikini wax and a Brazilian. However, there are in fact many more options available.

How does waxing work?

Waxing is one of the most effective methods when it comes to removing unwanted hair. It consists of removing hairs with their roots by using a special warm wax for depilation. It’s a great alternative to laser hair removal and a much cheaper one as well.

Different styles of pubic hair grooming have always been around since the dawn of time. And though topics surrounding the subject weren’t always so talked about, these days aspects like the world wide web, the body positivity movement, and the beauty industry reaching new heights have allowed for pubic hair trends to go public and mainstream.

With various styles out there it may be confusing, especially with different names such as a Brazilian wax, Hollywood bikini wax, or a French wax. If you’re not sure what’s what and which option is the best for you, read on. We’ve compiled a little guide to bikini waxing to help you out.

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The Au Naturel Bush

The Au Naturel Bush

This one doesn’t actually require a trip to the waxing salon nor an appointment with your laser hair removal technician. Sporting a full bush hit its peak of popularity during the late 60s and remained in style throughout the 70s—so much so, that its often called the “1970s bush”. If going all-natural is your comfort level, letting your pubes grow out (with the occasion trim from time to time) is a virtually maintenance-free option.

The Classic Bikini Wax

The Classic Bikini Wax

If you’re looking for something a little bit more clean cut than a bush but are still wanting to go for a style that’s simple and no-frills, a standard bikini wax is exactly what you should ask for. A bikini wax will conveniently remove only the hairs from the edges of your bikini line, leaving the remaining patch of hair trimmed down to a natural, triangular shape.

The Brazilian

The Brazilian bikini wax

You’ve surely heard about this style many times before. But what is it actually and where did it come from?

The name of this waxing style comes from the famous salon in New York, where Brazilian waxing was offered for the very first time. And why “Brazilian”? Well, because the sisters, owners of the salon, were from Brazil.

Here, the hair is removed from the bikini line, all the way from the front to the back. Only a strip of hair is left in the front, as in the French waxing style. Here you can also go for various bikini line shapes. The Brazilian bikini wax can be great if you like wearing a thong, or like to have a clean front and back.

The Hollywood

The Hollywood bikini wax

For some, getting a Brazilian wax is an ideal method as it allows their intimate places to look aesthetically pleasing. Others, on the other hand, prefer to get the full clean up version. We call this style the Hollywood bikini wax.

During this waxing, all hairs from the front, in-between, and the back are removed. The total smoothness of the Hollywood bikini wax is slowly taking over in popularity, pushing the partial removal offered by the Brazilian bikini aside.

The French

The French bikini wax

We have the Brazilian, the Hollywood, and now also the French wax. You might’ve also heard it referred to as the “landing strip”, this method of pubic hair styling is quite similar to the Brazilian with just one slight difference. Unlike a Brazilian, the French style wax doesn’t remove hair between the legs or on the backside. This makes it particularly popular for newbies to waxing who aren’t ready to go full-on Brazilian.

Try out one of the current female pubic hair trends by booking a waxing appointment near you!

Some Q&A about bikini waxing

Does getting waxed hurt?

Unfortunately, tearing hair from your skin isn’t the most pleasant experience, but it is something you get used to. Additionally, with each waxing your hairs weaken, making the pain lessen.

How long does such a wax last?

Each of us has an individual hair growth cycle. For some, effects can last shorter and for others longer. After getting a bikini wax you may have smooth skin for up to eight weeks.

What does aftercare look like?

After the waxing, your skin will be irritated and will require a gentle approach. You shouldn’t use any strong soaps or alcohol-based products. Don’t expose the waxed areas to the sun until the irritation completely disappears. You also might want to give up swimming or exercising until your skin goes back to normal.

How can I find a salon offering a bikini wax near me?

Simple! All you’ll need to do is visit the Booksy website or open the Booksy app and search for beauty salons offering bikini waxing in your city!

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