Top Beauty, Health, and Wellness Trends for Kids

Top Beauty, Health, and Wellness Trends for Kids

Most kids are walking, talking little human beings who grow up to become well-dimensioned adults with cool quirks, unforgettable personalities, and one-of-a-kind idiosyncrasies. 

To nurture their growth, it’s important for parents and loved ones to consider the beauty, health, and wellness trends that are available for children, because encouraging wellness at an early age will help create healthy habits for the people who need it the most.  

Keep reading to learn the top seven wellness trends for young children. And feel free to bring these tips into your home or recommend them to a parent with a kiddo who’s important to you. 

Healthier Cereals

Caring for kids means promoting wellness and that starts first thing in the morning at the breakfast table. Although increasing the number of healthy cereal options may not sound like a new trend, experts in the industry say that cereals are being revamped like never before. 

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The push for healthy cereals first started decades ago. But the results were still cereals that were high in sugar, exploding with carbs, and totally processed, which isn’t good for anybody.

Alternatively, the health community is coming to the cereal aisle in a big way. Expect more rolled oats- and flax chai-based cereals loaded with vitamins. Additionally, there’ll be cereals with nuts, raisins, chai seeds, coconut oil, and dried fruit for added flavor. 

Healthier Cereals

Gyms for Kids

Despite the importance of nutrition, wellness isn’t just about diet. It’s also about exercise, which is true for adults but even more important for youngsters.

To make sure that young ones stay active, gyms for kids are opening up across the country. Unlike playgrounds that are available in most public parks, some of these gyms have training pools, sports halls, dance studios, climbing areas, and even cafés. 

The spaces are heated during the colder months and cooled when it’s hot outside. And fitness instructors are available to lead age-appropriate workout groups. An added bonus is that these facilities give parents a little bit of personal time, which is also great for family wellness.

Safer Online Habits

Unfortunately for children, the internet is still a relatively unsafe place. Online bullying, spam, malware, and fake news are just a few of the more common threats and pitfalls. But more than ever before, developers are creating tools to make sure kids are protected.

A number of social media sites are updating their privacy settings to limit the amount of personal information that people can access from one another. And software companies like Net Nanny and Surfie are becoming much more popular because they’re able to help parents monitor the websites their children surf. 

Apps like Social Fever are also trending right now. These easily-downloadable applications help parents monitor the amount of time their kids spend online to decrease blue screen exposure, which is another online danger because it can cause retina damage, according to a study published by Harvard University. 

Safer Online Habits

Online Parenting 

Even though there’s a laundry list of online dangers for kids who surf the internet, the pros of learning from the web certainly outweigh the cons. And kids are reaping the benefits of having well-equipped parents, who have 24-hour access to an endless stream of parenting advice. 

Top family counselors and expert therapists are available online to offer parenting tips that can help identify issues affecting kids. HuggiesPampers, and Parents are three of the more popular sources with loads of advice on mental and physical health issues concerning children. 

These websites are chock-full of information on feeding, sleep-related problems, disciplining children with behavioral issues, and creative ways to make sure kids don’t get bored or unruly while traveling.

And while most of the online advice is categorized based on the age of each child, some of them provide tips based on whether or not the child is a boy or a girl. Experts agree this type of information isn’t going anywhere, as long as the web is up and running. 

Increased School Wellness Programs

It’s becoming common knowledge that wellness promotion should take place at home but also in schools. According to a report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, schools are one of the most effective places to promote wellness and address preventable health issues.

The CDC also states that since 95% of kids attend schools in this country. Schools are a great place to encourage healthy eating habits while teaching kids about regular physical activity, which are two behaviors that can and should last a lifetime.

And because researchers are linking healthy eating habits and regular exercise with increased performance in the classroom and fewer absences, school officials, parents, and community members are readier than ever to make sure that school wellness policies are put into place.

School Wellness Programs

Spas for Children 

In case you haven’t heard, day-spas for children are gaining in popularity. And just like the growing demand for gyms designed for young ones, spa-inspired wellness centers for kids are becoming increasingly popular. 

More parents than ever before are agreeing that their little ones need a little down-time, where they can feel pampered. Mother and daughter packages, mani-pedis, facials, and even back massages are some of the more popular requests.

Although most of the facilities require children to be accompanied by adults, services are suitable for kids around eight years of age to introduce young ones to their first beauty treatment.

More Independent Kids

A few decades ago, the term helicopter parent was used to describe overly-involved parents, who would hover over their kids like helicopters and give them too much attention, while overseeing every aspect of their growth. 

But research published by the American Psychological Association suggests that over-parenting may hinder a child’s ability to manage their emotions or behavior. Additionally, children with over-controlling, helicopter parents struggle to adjust in academic and social environments.

Fortunately for kids, many parents are giving their children more space, which is creating more independent youths. Experts say that many parents are adopting a more trusting, relaxed style of parenting which encourages independence, reduces stress, and increases confidence in kids.

Boy and girl walking

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