Reach Your Fitness Goals from Home

Reach Your Fitness Goals from Home

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, a lot has changed all over the world. And most of that change happened over the past few months. But as time moves forward, more ways to adapt are quickly revealing themselves. 

One of the more important ways to feel normal again is to exercise, which can improve a person’s mood, lower stress levels, decrease anxiety symptoms, and boost brain health, according to the American Psychological Association. 

And if that’s not enough of an incentive to get fit and stay that way, a recent report published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that exercise has a number of physical benefits in regards to body mass index, along with cardiovascular and muscular health.

While none of this information is breaking news, finding ways to stick with a home workout plan certainly deserves some thought. Because whether it’s an online yoga session, lifting weights, or a virtual zumba class, it’s important to get some exercise, while social distancing from home. 

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To help move things along, we’ve created this short list of tips to make it a little easier to commit to a home workout routine, as we all wait for things to slowly but surely return to normal.

Know Your Workout Goals

Workout goals will vary from person to person. Some people will want to see changes in their physique, while others may simply want to learn a new routine. Regardless of the goal you want to accomplish, take time to figure out what you want to achieve, which will help you stick with it. 

A few of the more attainable yet common goals that can be accomplished within as little as a month or two could be to lose weight, increase flexibility, gain muscle mass, perfect form, or to master some new workouts.

A host of different physical benefits can be accomplished with just a little bit of motivation. But the first step to getting on track physically is to envision the finish line. Then begin the race.

Know Your Workout Goals

Schedule Workouts in Advance

Another way to make sure that you stick with your workout goals is to decide exactly how many days a week you want to commit to working out. Once you’ve made that decision, add working out to your calendar the same way that you would schedule a meeting or make dinner plans.

Even though you’re working out from home, it’s still important to plan that into your day. Committing to a very specific time will help you stick to a fitness routine. And make sure to decide exactly how many days you want to workout each week. 

The number of days that you spend working out is solely up to you. Training at least two to three days a week is necessary to maximize muscle growth. But consider your age and fitness level to avoid injury. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends about 150 minutes each week for adults. And that could mean as little as 30 minutes per day for five days a week is all it takes to reach your fitness goals from home.

Track Your Progress

Another way to make sure you reach your fitness goals from home is to use a journal. Write down the workouts that you perform. And remember to track your progress by always recording breakthroughs, so that your own results can help keep you motivated. 

Logging workouts will also help with planning and executing workouts, because most people perform more efficiently with specific goals and purpose in mind. 

Although it may cost a little bit of money, consider investing in a heart rate monitor. These devices will provide accurate information in regards to exactly how many calories you’ll burn. Heart rate monitors are also designed to help you reach fitness goals without over training.

Track progress

Find an Exercise Partner 

Finding a workout partner will also help keep you accountable and motivated. Online resources have made it easier than ever for two people to sign up for the same virtual session together. 

Encourage a family member or a friend to join your particular online fitness training session by paying for some or all of their sessions upfront with a gift card. For example, Booksy offers eGift cards. And it’s easy to buy a Booksy eGift card for someone who can keep your workout engaging. 

It’s important to keep in mind that when you make plans with someone else, you’re less likely to cancel. Working out with someone may also provide a healthy sense of competition between you and your workout partner, which will help keep you focused while striving to reach your fitness goals from home.

Join an Online Fitness Class

If you’re having trouble deciding where to start, it’s okay to reach out for help by joining an online fitness class. Working with an online trainer is also another great way to stay motivated. Fitness professionals can also offer answers to many questions that you may have.

Keep in mind that online fitness classes are usually much cheaper than paying to meet with a trainer in person or buying a gym membership—even though those options aren’t really available right now due to social distancing. 

Booksy offers a host of online fitness options ranging from a moderate to vigorous intensity level that’ll make sure you get fit and stay fit at home. Online courses will also vary in regards to types of classes. Examples include fitness boot camps, yoga, and sessions for older adults. 

Online Fitness Class

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