The Difference Between Brazilian and Hollywood Waxes

The Difference Between Brazilian and Hollywood Waxes

Chocolate or vanilla? Dogs or cats? City or country?…Brazilian or Hollywood wax? Though this last one isn’t necessarily a standard question you’d be asked in a game of this or that, everyone has a preference—even when it comes to grooming the pubic area.

Some would argue that one type of wax is far better than the other, but in the end, it’s all a matter of personal preference. We may never be able to settle the rivalry of the Brazilian vs Hollywood wax once and for all. But instead, we’re covering the difference between the two so that you can crown your personal winner and know exactly which one to ask for at your next waxing appointment.

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What’s a Brazilian wax?

If you’ve ever looked into waxing your lady bits, surely, you’ve heard of the Brazilian wax. But talking about waxes can seem cryptic in a sense. It’s almost like speaking in pseudocode using the names of waxing types but never mentioning the details. Hence why we’re going all in.

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The Brazilian hair removal method was actually popularized in the 1990s. Its history lies with a group of Brazilian sisters who brought this waxing style to America, offering it at their Manhattan salon. At the time, no one could’ve predicted the Brazilian wax’s rise to fame, but today it’s hard not to imagine it floating among the likes of key beauty buzzwords.

So, what is it exactly? The Brazilian is a waxing style that removes most, but not all of the hair. A Brazilian wax will target your booty, between your legs, and the front of the pubic area, leaving behind just a strip of hair, front and center.

A rectangular strip is usually the top choice, but if you want to get creative with your wax, this is your chance. With a Brazilian, you can also choose a triangle, square, or oval-shaped if a rectangular strip isn’t your thing.

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Brazilian is a waxing style

What’s a Hollywood wax?

On the other hand, if you’re not keen on leaving any trace of hair behind, you’ll want to go for a Hollywood wax. Like the Brazilian, the Hollywood hair removal method takes off everything between the legs and along the backside. The only difference is it’ll remove all the hair in the front as well.

This one’s the ultimate choice for going 100% bare “down there” and leaving the entire area totally smooth. But what’s in the name? It used to be referred to as a full Brazilian wax, until its new name was taken on because of its popularity in Hollywood.

What’s the waxing process like for the Brazilian vs the Hollywood wax?

Now on to specifics. The waxing process doesn’t differ when it comes to Brazilian vs Hollywood hair removal—other than doing a little extra waxing with the Hollywood. Using hot wax, your waxing technician will spread the substance across your nether regions. Once the wax has cooled and hardened enough, it will be ripped off in the opposite direction of hair growth, leaving you with a silky finish.

Of course, there are things to watch out for when you’re getting this service. This Bustle article covers some of these issues.

What’s a Hollywood wax

Will a Brazilian or Hollywood wax hurt?

If you’ve never gotten a wax before, especially one along your bikini area, it’s hard to know what pain level to expect. But because everyone has their own pain tolerance, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Generally speaking, waxes never feel great. But their effects and how soft the skin feels afterward are what keeps us coming back. Waxing the intimate areas can cause a bit of discomfort, especially because the skin there is more sensitive than other parts of the body.

However, you won’t have to grit your teeth for long. A waxing session is relatively quick, and you can expect any pain to subside after it’s over. If you’re nervous about pain management, taking paracetamol before your session can be helpful. Plus, the more you wax, the less discomfort you’ll experience during your following waxing treatments.

So back to the question, Brazilian or Hollywood? If you’ve got your answer, it’s time to book! Download the Booksy app for iOS or Android to locate waxing salons in your city.

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