Combination Skin & How to Care for It

Combination Skin & How to Care for It

Does your skin seem to have its own moods? That’s nothing unusual—you may have combination skin, which can have characteristics of oily or sensitive skin. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to find out your skin’s needs, its characteristics, common problems, and how to take care of it.

What is combination skin?

Like all other skin types, combination skin requires its own special care. Its hallmarks? Zones of your face with extremely different characteristics can occur right next to each other. People with combination skin often have blackheads and oily skin in the T zone (chin, nose, and forehead). But on the other hand, irritation, flaking, and dryness on the cheeks and temples is also common with combination skin.

Advantages & disadvantages of combination skin


  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Delayed aging process


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  • Blackheads in the T zone
  • Irritated cheeks and temples
  • Shiny forehead, nose, and chin,
  • Thin skin on the cheeks
  • Tendency to irritation

Caring for combination skin

Because combination skin has such mixed symptoms, it can seem tricky to care for and select the right products for. But have no fear—there are ways to bring relief to combination skin. The basis is distinguishing the oily areas and treating them individually. Zones with excessive sebum should be gently toned, and more sensitive parts of the skin should be moisturized and nourished with regenerative products.

Caring for combination skin

Common mistakes combo skincare

For those with combination skin, of the most common mistakes made is using only cosmetics for oily skin, which contain alcohol. Although they effectively reduce the secretion of sebum, they also tend to irritate and dehydrate the already dry parts of the face. Natural, plant-based cosmetics are a good place to start.

Washing the face with soap and water also worsens the condition of combination skin. Nourish with moisturizer instead. And remember not to experiment with homemade scrubs and masks, unless their ingredients are ultra-delicate—like coconut flakes, cucumber, yogurt, or oatmeal.

Visiting a cosmetologist

If you don’t have any luck stabilizing your combination skin with moisturizing and toning treatments at home, then don’t be afraid to ask a cosmetologist for advice. A specialist will be able to professionally assess the condition of your skin.

And not only that, but they’ll be also able to select and recommend cosmetics for your home beauty routine. That way, you’ll know exactly what products to use, how to use them, and when to achieve optimal results and restore your skin’s balance.

While at the beauty salon, it may be worth getting a treatment for combination skin. Usually, these types of facial treatments are multi-step, and your cosmetologist can tailor them to your skin.

Salon treatments for combination skin


Serums filled with vitamins, minerals, and hyaluronic acid are worked into the skin, thanks to which, they effectively nourish it.

Algae mask

Mask treatments infused with sea algae gently cleanse and tone the skin, providing it with essential vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, lipids, and plant acids.

Ultrasonic cavitation facial

By using ultrasound technology, the skin is stimulated, promoting natural healing without causing irritation.

Lactic acid peel

A lactic acid peel will not only exfoliate the skin, but also brighten any discoloration and help slow down the aging process.


Sonophoresis is essentially an ultrasound massage with a rejuvenating vitamin-packed serum, which is matched to the individual needs of the skin.

Salon treatments for combination skin

Makeup for combination skin

Luckily these days, you’ll find a large selection of makeup products that are specifically made to cater to this condition. But as with any skin type, no makeup is always the best choice to minimize the risk of skin problems.

If you want to keep it light and hit that perfect middle ground between a full face of makeup and going makeup-free, then BB creams are a good solution. These tinted creams have filled the gap on the market between high-coverage foundations and nourishing creams. Think of them as an all-in-one product, replacing several parts of your skincare arsenal with a formula that combines moisturizing cream, concealer, primer, foundation, and sunscreen.

Makeup for combination skin

Caring for this skin condition is undoubtedly demanding. But by implementing the right care regimen and conscious shopping decisions, your skin will thank you! However, it never hurts to consult with a beauty professional near you—which you can do on Booksy.

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