How to make your nails grow faster

How to make your nails grow faster

Having nice-looking, strong and long nails is every woman’s dream. The joy of trying different nail polishes and designs on neatly-manicured nails is extraordinary. Do your friends’ long and beautiful nails make you jealous? Do you want to get as many compliments as them?

The amount of time you have to wait for your nails to grow healthy and beautiful on their own is excruciating. If you have been going through issues with your nails and wish to learn how to make your nail grow faster at home, then you are in the right place. We will talk about how to naturally make your nails grow faster at home and what things hinder your nail from growing strong and healthy.

How fast do nails grow?

Your nails grow approximately a tenth of a millimetre every day or about 3.47mm every month. Therefore, you may need to wait for an average of 6 months to grow your nails again if you lose one.

What’s more, your dominant hand will have longer nails than the other since its growth rate is higher. Also, nails on your longer fingers grow faster than the rest.

Your fingernails grow faster in summer and during the day.

If you compare your fingernails and toenails, you will realise that toenails grow slower. The growth rate of toenails is approximately 1.62 mm every month. You can go for almost a year to get a toenail back if you lose one!

The reason behind its slow growth is that it is subjected to less action or trauma. Even though you can stub your toe sometimes, it does not have a long-lasting impact on its growth rate.

Factors that affect how fast your nails grow

Although it may look like there is no rhyme and reason to how your nails grow, several factors affect the growth rate. Below are some of the factors affecting the growth speed of your nails.


Younger people have been associated with a faster growth rate. As you grow older, the rate of nail growth keeps on reducing. The change in growth speed can be because of slower blood circulation as you age.


It is believed that nails on your dominant hand grow faster since you use them more – therefore, the chances of experiencing nail trauma, like hitting your nails with a harmer or putting your nail on a snag, are high. If nail trauma occurs, the body will act naturally and send nutrients and blood to repair the affected area. Because of that, the nails’ growth speed will increase due to the influx of nutrients.

The finger on which the nail is growing also determines the growth rate – small fingers will have a slower nail growth rate.


Hormones also have an effect on your nails’ growth rate. For example, during pregnancy women experience an increase in progesterone and oestrogen production, which also increases nail growth. However, it decreases later on, during lactation. Puberty is another tumultuous time to experience a similar hormone levels increase.

Overall health

Chronic conditions, such as diabetes, can affect your nail growth rate. What’s more, frequent nail injuries can slow down your nail growth.

Reasons your nails are not growing fast and healthy

Some factors can affect the way your nail grows from the start. However, there are also cases of nail growth slowing down due to other circumstances. Below we list a few common ones.

Biting your nails

Do you bite your nails when you are stressed? Doing so is bad for your nail growth – not to even mention your digestive system and overall health, as it can result in a bacterial infection. This behaviour can also cause chipped nail paints, and no one wants that!

Chipping your nail polish

Many women have the habit of chipping their nail polish off after a certain period. This habit can result in brittle and weak nails as well as a slower growth rate.

Skipping base coat

Many people understand the importance of priming their face before applying makeup, as it promotes its longevity. What some do not know is that base coat for their nails can do wonders when it comes to growing strong and healthy nails. The base coat provides a protective layer to help your nails grow faster, stronger, and healthy.

Wearing acrylic and gel nails far too often

Acrylic and gel nails should not hurt your natural ones if applied (and removed) correctly. However, using any nail products too often is not good for you. Acrylics and gels involve harsh chemicals that harm the natural growth of your nails if used in excess.

How to make your nails grow faster at home

It can take at least 6 months to grow longer nails: it tests your patience! However, below are expert-backed tips on how to grow your nails faster at home.

Eating a balanced diet

You need to eat food that is rich in certain important nutrients like:

Vitamin A: carrots, mangoes, and pumpkins
Biotin: nuts, seeds, egg yolk, and spinach
Folate: avocado, asparagus, and romaine lettuce
Zinc: beef, beans, and crabs
Cysteine: legumes, chicken and yoghurt
Vitamin c: strawberries, kiwifruit, and citrus fruits

Avoid harsh cleaners and soaps

Using harsh solvents, soaps, and cleaning products will pull out the nail’s natural oil, preventing its growth. If you are washing the dishes or cleaning around the house make sure to wear protective gloves!

Use moisturisers

It is important to treat your nails with essential oils to lock in moisture, strengthen the nail and preserve its cuticle seal. You can go for natural oils like avocado oil to have naturally fast-growing nails.

Try supplements

Some supplements and vitamins can help with nail growth. However, they should not be used instead of a healthy diet but in addition to. You can go for supplements with a mixture of important nutrients like Vitamin C and biotin.

Before taking any supplement, make talk to your doctor!

Dampening and filing

Even though you want longer nails, you should practice regular filling to eliminate snags that can cause splits when they catch the fabric. It is recommended to wet your nails first before filling to soften the structure.

When filling, follow one direction with smooth, swift strokes.

Avoid biting, picking and pushing

It is in your best interest to leave your nails to be. And yes, we know that it is easier said than done! Many people bite their nails when in stressful situations. You can try applying cuticle balm or hand cream to leave fewer dry places to pick.

You can also try treating your nails with an awful-tasting nail polish or wrapping a certain nail you like biting with a bandage.

Talk to a dermatologist

If you feel you have exhausted all options to make your nails grow faster at home, contact a professional. We encourage you to talk to a dermatologist specialising in nail health.

Remember that there is no magic to make your nail grow faster. Take care of your nail at all times and make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need!

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