Acrylic nails vs SNS nails

Acrylic nails vs SNS nails

With new technology emerging daily, you can find it difficult when it comes to deciding the right nail for you. Acrylics have always been the trusted technique when it comes to nail enhancement. However, SNS powder dip nails look similar to acrylics but have an added advantage. SNS also come with a simple application and a simple removal process.

Visiting the salon is always an enjoyable experience and it can become an overwhelming time. With many nail options out there to choose from, how do you know the right option to choose?

Technology is growing and changing daily and since acrylics have been there in the industry standard, there are many artificial nail options that you can choose from. All nail enhancements come with their unique technique, application process and various benefits. This article is a breakdown of the different types of acrylics and Sns to help you know what suits you best.

What are acrylic nails?

When it comes to the industry standard of artificial nails, acrylics have been there for long. Adding acrylics is not new as it has been there for quite some time and normally includes combining acrylic extension with acrylic powder which hardens into a beautiful nail that will last for long. This process is used to make the nail look longer and thinner.

Since acrylics dry into a hard and durable substance, you can paint your acrylic with a polish of your choosing. Moreover, you can add, intricate and apply the detailed nail art of your desire. Acrylics are a long-lasting nail enhancement procedure that is available.

What are SNS nails?

This nail application can enhance the natural nail via a simple process. SNS are actually powder nails, which is an artificial nail application procedure. SNS is a company name that creates a powder dip. Therefore, SNS is just synonymous with the procedure. SNS are used to create nail length to natural length. It can also create a strong and durable overlay on the natural nail.


While comparing Sns to acrylics, they all have different applications, materials and features. These features can play a huge impact on how long your nails will last and the durability of the final product.


It’s always favoured to be the preferred choice of artificial nail application. They offer strength and durability to your natural nail. These nails are quick to apply and removed with an acetone soak.


This artificial nail is applied to your natural nail by the use of the dip method. For this reason, SNS is known as ‘dip powder’ nails. While doing this process, the natural nail will first be filled and shaped into your desired shape. The natural nail will then be brushed using a liquid reactant later, the nail will be dipped into powder resin that reacts with the hardens and liquid that have been applied on the nails.

This process is repeated until the desired shape, thickness, and length is arrived at. There is a vast type of dip colours that one can choose from. It is possible to develop different designs through dip powder with stunning ombre patterns. The resin hardens by itself without necessarily using the UV light necessary for gel nails. The application process is easy for this reason, it’s perfect for beginner nail artists to perform.


The process uses a reactant plus a resin powder since it’s the core powder made of acrylic. The difference with the dip powder technique is that acrylic extensions don’t need first on the nails to get the desired shape and look. Moreover, nails are dipped in a substance instead of having an acrylic gel and skilled technicians form shaping it into form.


Dip powder is made of durable and hard material, which is a manicure that uses the SNS powder that lasts for 2 to three weeks. Although this nail lasts long, the acrylic nature is more vulnerable to breaking than a manicure, which has more flexibility. Normally, people begin seeing the nail chipping and cracking on the edges of the artificial nail application.


You will have to dish out between $35 to $50 when making an SNS application. You can add a French manicure dip nail or an ombre colouring that could cost you more. The process of removing these nails is done at home or in a salon that can help you save money on this process of nail application

Advantages of SNS nails

Most people prefer SNS nail application as it’s a good option compared to acrylics and new gel powder nails SNS nail application is very simple for most beginner nail artists to do. It is quite possible to add strength and length to the natural nails without necessarily using artificial nail extensions or harmful UV light. The nail removal process is easy and you don’t have to use the help of a professional necessarily. A simple soaking procedure in acetone will help to remove the nails safely.

Disadvantages of SNS

This nail application procedure may seem perfect for people, but a disadvantage comes with applying nails this way The nails’ resin is dipped into is often reused with several other clients. For this reason, there are high chances of passing bacterial infections or any other related infections from one client to another through the reused resin. Therefore, it is advisable to be cautious when picking out your desirable nail salon to do this nail application procedure.

Acrylic nails

Known to be the long-lasting industry standard for artificial nails, acrylics have always been the best choice for the strength and length of natural nails. First-time clients will go through powder-formed acrylic and artificial nail extension to strengthen and shape their nails.


Applying acrylics can be referred to as a two-step process. Customers who wish to add length to their nails will have an artificial nail glued on their natural nails. A glue0like substance will be brushed onto the natural nail to shape and smooth the nail. The gel is obtained by combining a powder and monomer liquid. The end result forms a temporal gel that hardens your nail’s top into a rigid material.

Acrylics dry and will harden naturally without using UV lights. Usually, after applying the nails, the nails are filed and shaped to the client’s desired look. Acrylics can be used to get the desired strength and length. Moreover, they make the nails appear thinner.


When it comes to artificial nail application, acrylic is used. The acrylic material is used for gel-like powder nail application and nail extension. The powder consists of acrylic and utilizes a reactant liquid as a softening agent that later hardens to become a durable topcoat over the natural nail. Some chemicals come into play in this process that are caustic. Therefore, people with known allergies need to be aware of this nail application process.


Among the advantages of the acrylic nails option is that it’s among the long-lasting nail application process available. One manicure could last for one month. Acrylics are tough and can endure a lot of wear and tear.

However, since this material is very rigid, whenever the nail bends, it can break. Acrylics can withstand nail cracks and bends but will experience devastating breaks whenever they bend at a wrong angle. This is where the differences with the SNS nails come in.

One acrylic manicure could last for a whole month. However, it will be crucial for the manicure to be maintained every two weeks by polishing and maintaining a professional look. This process is simple as it’s all about adding acrylic powder on the top of the nail next to the cuticle. This way, the nail will look like it has naturally grown out of the nail bed.


Applying a full set of acrylics will cost you around $35 to $40 for a brand-new set. After every two weeks, the acrylics need to be filed for $20, keeping in mind additional nail art or details that come at an extra cost.

Advantages of acrylics

They are known to be the long-held nail standard in the artificial nail industry as they have been there for some time now. They are durable, strong and can be shaped into desirable designs. With acrylics, one can add both strength and length. Moreover, they can make the nail look thinner. Acrylics are long-lasting and The brand-new acrylics last a month.

Disadvantages of acrylics

The toughness of acrylics makes them easy to break. Since they don’t bend and flex, any pressure to the nails exposes them to catastrophic breakages. The maintenance involved with acrylics is also very costly

After being set up at first, they will need refilling after every two weeks just to make sure the natural look is maintained. Since the nails contain caustic materials, they can be a health hazard to people with allergies. Furthermore, professional nail artists are the only ones removing acrylics for safety purposes.


When comparing acrylics to SNS, it comes down to what you want to be achieved on your nails. If you wish to have strong, tough and long nails, then acrylics will be the better option as they last up to a month from the initial set. SNS nails are gotten from a resin powder and will last for around two to three weeks.

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