Best holiday present ideas for your entire family

Best holiday present ideas for your entire family

Do you struggle with coming up with ideas for perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones this year? You are not the only one. The art of gift-giving is not so easy to master, even if you had your entire life to practice it! Sometimes our nearest and dearest simply seem to already have everything they could possibly wish for. Fortunately, presents do not necessarily have to be physical objects – sometimes the best thing you can give another person is an opportunity to unwind, relax and have some well-deserved “me time”. And we are here to help you surprise them with just the right idea!

For your mum: a stay at a Day Spa

Day Spas are great. They usually provide a wide range of different services, from relaxing massages to beautifying facials, and oftentimes offer attractive treatment bundles that allow you to make the most of your long-anticipated spa day. This gives you a wide variety of options to choose from. Some mums will be overjoyed to receive a gift card for microdermabrasion, micro-needling or cavitation peeling. Others will prefer something more relaxing, such as a massage or a hydrating body treatment. Whether your mum would prefer to work on her appearance or simply have a moment for herself, a stay at a Day Spa will be just the thing to give her!

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For your dad: a massage therapy

Dads oftentimes hide how tired and overworked they really are. When you ask them what they want for the holidays they usually shrug and mumble something about a new pair of socks. However, if they were to be completely honest, they would like to have a little relaxation, a boost of energy and possibly to get rid of that horrible neck pain… this is why massage therapy is such a good idea for a holiday present for your dad! From a gentle Swedish massage to intense, but very effective deep tissue massage, you will definitely find one that will address your father’s needs the best.

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For your sister: a set of lash extensions

Lash extensions. For many women, they become an absolute necessity, an element of their daily life they simply cannot live without. They really enjoy the possibility of waking up every day with the most glamorous fans that make it unnecessary to even think about applying any mascara. For some lash extensions are highly addictive – and most agree that it is nice to try them at least once in your life! Giving this opportunity to your beloved sister is a fabulous idea for a holiday present.

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For your brother: a beard grooming ritual

In general, men can be divided into two categories: ones that insist that they don’t have the need to go to a barber and ones that went at least once and know how cool the experience is. Professional beard grooming ritual can not only completely change one’s appearance but is also very relaxing. Enhanced grooming rituals usually consist of a haircut and beard shaving, trimming or shaping-up, complimented with a nourishing treatment and occasionally a facial. If your brother has any type of facial hair, they will really appreciate a chance to take care of it professionally!

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For your favourite aunt: a set of acrylics

Do you want to give your favourite aunt a present but do not want to risk gifting her with some knick-knack that will end up gathering dust instead of bringing joy? Give her a gift card for a manicure instead! You can choose from a variety of different services, choosing ones that will fit the preferences of your auntie the best – from conditioning Japanese manicure, through gels and shellacs to absolutely outstanding acrylics. Just think about it – she can use the gift right off the bat to have killing nails for New Year’s Eve!

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For your beloved uncle: a personal training

Last but not least – that favoured uncle of yours who keeps mentioning they want to go the gym but never has enough motivation to do so! Surprise him with a gift card for a workout with a personal trainer – it’s an opportunity to start a healthy habit and also a chance to learn proper techniques from a specialist. Oftentimes we fail to stick to our workout routines because they are not fit properly to our needs and capabilities – a professional trainer will not only come up with a plan that will address your uncle’s personal goal but also help to keep him driven longer than just for the first week of January!

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