Father’s Day gift ideas for dads that think they already have everything

Father’s Day gift ideas for dads that think they already have everything

We all agree that coming up with a gift idea for your father ( biological, adoptive, figurative – they’re all like it!) isn’t an easy task. Most dads, although very happy to be appreciated, simply cannot make their mind about what they’d like to receive. If you already gave your father everything there is that connects to their hobby, he has enough fancy shirts, bottles of cologne and ties to last him a lifetime and your mum gets heart palpitations at the mere thought of yet another drone flying over the garden, Booksy comes to the rescue! Sometimes the best Father’s Day gifts are not things but values. What if you tell you that you can give your dad stress relief, better health and quality time with his loved ones? Now, this is something every father figure really needs and (sometimes quietly) desires, especially after last year’s insanity.

Okay, you may say, you set the bar high. Now give me the places in the UK that can meet such expectations. Well, be our guest – take your dad to one (of all!) of these four spots on the map and you will thank us later.

Notjust Barbers – Manchester

Notjust Barbers has something for dads that are interested in not just a good time, but also a complete makeover – and we are not talking about the image alone. Re-brand is a personalised treatment that is all about finding the perfect look through the most relaxing process. It truly isn’t just a service – it is a rejuvenating experience that will help your father to feel like himself again. Notjust Babers encourage their clients to “indulge in yourself” through this treatment and honestly – isn’t that something we all need from time to time?

Re-brand includes personalised cut and style, finished with a complimentary neck shave and a spritz of a luxurious scent. It is a prolonged, relaxed service that will take up to an hour. You can book it for your dad right now through the Booksy app or on Booksy.com.

Rebel Rebel Fitness – Sussex

If your dad is on the active side (or has shown an interest in moving from the sofa to a place other than the kitchen) then a training session with a personal trainer may be just the perfect option for him. Rebel Rebel is a fitness studio that aims to support people who want to change their lifestyle for the better. They know that a healthy dose of activity helps to keep both the body and mind in a good shape. The best part? They do it comprehensively, offering not only PT training sessions but also massages and physiotherapy.

You can book a training session with a personal trainer, a wide range of massages of different lengths, as well as an initial consultation with a physiotherapist that will plan out appropriate treatments through the Booksy app or on Booksy.com.

Goodlife Barbershop – Worcester

Goodlife Barbershop truly knows the needs of men. Between their services, you can find gems such as Hangover Cure (that is a relaxing, refreshing facial done with a full range of facial products, hot towels and a steamer) or Luxury Haircut & Beard Trim (that is basically an hour and 15 minutes of getting pampered, after which you leave looking like an aristocrat). Although both of them could be a fantastic Father’s Day gift, let us draw your attention to the father and son cuts – perfect for that quality together time we’ve been talking about!

You can book all of the aforementioned (and more) treatments through the Booksy app and on Booksy.com.

Arnold & Co. Heritage Barbers – Sheffield

Looking for true luxury for your daddy dearest? Arnold & Co. know how to take care of men’s faces. Their Luxury Hot Towel Shave is a parade of goodness, consisting of steaming the face, two hot towels, a smooth shave, a toner, a cold towel and a massage with a moisturiser to finalise the treatment on a high note. And if your father is not a bearded man but would still love to be treated with such opulence? Go for the Luxury Facial – it is basically 40 minutes of chill-out with professional skincare and face massage.

You can book both the Luxury Hot Towel Shave and Luxury facial through the Booksy app and on Booksy.com.

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