Skullfades Sleeping Bag Appeal

Skullfades Sleeping Bag Appeal

This Sunday Ged King and his Skullfades Foundation are hosting their 3rd annual winter event. Join the Booksy Ambassador in Manchester at his Skullfades Barber Shop and do some good for the world!

Western style: noon (that’s 12:00!) at Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester together with his band Ged King, Booksy Ambassador, owner of Skullfades Barber Shop and the mind behind Skullfades Foundation will be collecting sleeping bags for the homeless. The bags will be collected ‘til this Sunday, so make sure to do this on time!

Skullfades Sleeping Bag Appeal

For the past 5 years, Ged has been barbering in his shop and on the streets of Manchester, where he provides homeless people with his service. Ged also trains the homeless on how to become a barber and at the beginning of the year, he marked 1,200 free haircuts for the homeless.

See his works in this BBC material:

The Christmas event is taking place in Piccadilly Gardens on Sunday 2 December from 12 pm – 2:30 pm.

Mustard, a local food trader will be providing meals for those in need. He and Ged will be joined by a doctor and chiropodist and a vet.

Read more about the Skullfades Foundation and find out how you can help this inspiring group of barbers here.

Watch more Skullfades videos here

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