The Best Way to Remove Your Pubic Hair

The Best Way to Remove Your Pubic Hair

Removing pubic hair can be a delicate process. The area is sensitive and that means removing pubic hair can be rather painful. There are several methods available on the market. In this blog, we are unpacking a handful of the most common techniques so you know which is the right method for you.

Since the pain level, effectiveness, and overall experience is a direct correlation to experience. That’s a really good reason to leave this to professionals. If you know the type of service you want, then all that’s left is to book your session.

If you want to see what your options are, keep on reading.


Tried and true, shaving is a method we’re all familiar with when it comes to downstairs grooming and it’s probably one of the most popular since it’s a cost-effective option that doesn’t require a salon appointment.

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Shaving has its advantages with being quick, pain-free, and easy to do. However, cons include skin irritation, redness, itchiness, or ingrown hairs. It also isn’t a very long-lasting it only eliminates at skin level. Hair can return as early as 24 hours.

Bikini Shaving

Hair removal cream

Of all the options, this one is the most DIY-able. You can do this quickly at home by purchasing a cream, gel, or lotion from your local pharmacy.

These are chemical projects that dissolve the hair above the root. Application entails layering some cream on the area, letting it sit, and wiping the hair off. Like shaving, creams don’t target the root of the hair. That means that regrowth can happen relatively quickly, within a day or so.

But before you slip on your robe and reach for the bottle, perform a patch test on a small area. You are checking for any irritation before applying more.


Brazilian or a Hollywood waxing are among the most popular options. You’d see them on the top of the menu at a spa, if you’ve had the service before. Although waxing isn’t the most painless method of hair removal, it will give you an ultra-smooth finish that lasts up to a month. The bonus is that the more you wax, the less hair grows back since it’s being ripped out by its root.

Waxing can be done at home or at a salon. However, beginners should always lean on a professional. Schedule an appointment with a waxing professional so you are sure to get it done right with the least amount of pain.

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Sugaring is like waxing but it’s literally made of sugar. It also removes hair by the root. The difference between waxing and sugaring aside from the ingredients is that sugaring removes hair in the same direction of the hair growth. That is why some spa-goers claim it’s less painful than waxing. Advocates for sugaring are ride or diesmore about that movement here.

With sugaring as a pubic hair removal method, the results last a similar length of time as with waxing so you can expect to keep your pubic area silky smooth for about three to four weeks.

Sugaring - pubic hair


Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method that destroys hair follicles. With a few repeated electrolysis sessions, you will have smooth skin for life. 

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Pain thresholds are different for everyone, but with being a delicate area, expect some discomfort. Ask your technician about available options for numbing cream if you’re concerned about pain.

Laser hair removal

If you’re considering going bare down there long-term, laser hair removal is where it’s at. Though there are a few different types of lasers that can be used for pubic hair removal, they all destroy the hair follicles. That means after your series of treatments, that area is permanently smooth.

Laser hair removal requires touch-up sessions to prevent regrowth. Typically, treatments can be complete in a handful of sessions or even years, in some cases. Some disadvantages include overall discomfort, a long process, and a hefty price tag.

Laser hair removal

Now that we’ve covered how to remove pubic hair, it’s time to get to grooming! If you’re choosing to go with a salon-based pubic hair removal method, check out your options of hair removal specialists near you on Booksy.

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