The 101 on Skin Hydration

The 101 on Skin Hydration

Water is a crucial component of the skin—thanks to which, many processes in the body take place and tissues are able to be renewed. Maintaining the right amount of water also helps collagen and elastic fibers maintain their correct structures, which have a strong influence on the appearance of the skin. Proper skin hydration should be a basic cosmetic treatment in everyone’s beauty regimen. Especially since there are many ways of doing so.

Moisturizing treatments at the salon

Many beauty salons and spas offer a wide range of skin hydration options. Because the epidermis is a natural barrier against water loss, it should be taken care of first—especially during the summer months, when it is particularly exposed to damage. Opting for something like a gentle peel treatment with fruit acids will help regenerate it.

Iontophoresis & mesotherapy: One interesting hydration solution is an iontophoresis treatment with vitamin A. Using an electrical current, moisturizing substances are introduced deep into the skin, which results in effects that are nothing short of amazing! You can also try sonophoresis. This helps push active substances into the skin with the help of ultrasound, improving cell regeneration and metabolism.

Aesthetic medicine, in turn, offers mesotherapy. This consists of the direct injection of hyaluronic acid and other preparations into the skin, which significantly improve the skin’s firmness.

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After treatment, the skin absorbs water so much better. But the choice of treatment is considerable and depends primarily on your personal preferences. Before you decide on something, be sure to consult with a specialist who will guide you in choosing the best route.

Moisturizing treatments at the salon

Skin Hydration at Home

Healthy and hydrated skin requires daily moisturizing. Although salon procedures work wonders, they won’t bring you long-term results if you neglect home care. So what’s worth remembering?

Firstly, as relaxing as long baths can be, they’re not conducive to our skin and can even dry it out. Showers are a much better option when it comes to retaining moisture. The right cosmetics can make a difference too. Always remember to use cosmetics with UV filters, and reapply them every 3 hours or so. And last, but certainly not least, drink a lot of water—especially in the warmer months when dehydration is more common.

Selecting the best cosmetics for skin hydration

When shopping for skincare products, it’s important to choose the right cosmetics. Thankfully, you’ll find no shortage of options since there are many preparations on the market for deep regeneration and moisturizing. The main ingredient that supports water retention is hyaluronic acid—so you’ll want to look out for cosmetics with this substance to attain maximum hydration.

Double check the ingredients

Glycerin and petroleum jelly also provide a good moisturizing effect. So make sure they’re listed in the ingredients of the products you’re looking to buy! These ingredients may be simple, but many people agree that their results are just as good as ones from using expensive creams, so why overpay?

Serum capsules, in which the basic ingredient is antioxidants, are also a great solution and are easy to use. Simply spread the contents of the capsule onto your face and neck and leave it on overnight. If you want to step it up a notch, applying a homemade scrub beforehand can help prepare the skin to adequately absorb the nutrients.

Double check the ingredients

Skin Hydration = Healthy Skin

Moisturizing the skin is extremely important—in the end, it’s water that keeps the skin looking healthy. That’s why it’s so important to remember to replenish it every day as well as use the appropriate cosmetics. And from time to time, treat yourself to  comprehensive treatment in a professional salon setting, which you can schedule directly through Booksy.

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