Slimming Treatment Or A Diet? Why Not Both!

Slimming Treatment Or A Diet? Why Not Both!

One of the ways to approach weight loss is getting slimming treatments. With so many options out there, everyone can find one best suited for them. There are those that target specific body parts, that use different techniques, or those that combine slimming with a spa-like experience. Nevertheless, all have one thing in common–all of them are supposed to help us lose a few pounds. But is there something we can do to truly maximize their effectiveness?

Dieting on its own has a myriad of benefits, dieting in combination with a slimming treatment? Talk about double the effect! A great idea after visiting the beauty salon for your treatment is enhancing the process by adopting a proper diet. Why is this a good plan and in what ways can you approach dieting? Answers to these and other questions are below!

How do slimming treatments work

Essentially all slimming treatments come down to one thing–damaging fat cells. Of course, based on what treatment you choose, the way this is achieved can vary. There are temperature-based slimming treatments, such as CoolScultp, or those that use ultrasound technology, like ultrasonic cavitation. Nevertheless, no matter the method, the final step during these treatments is your body metabolising the fat and getting it out of your body.

Often slimming treatments themselves cause your metabolism to accelerate, which makes the slimming process more efficient. However, if you opt for a diet during this period, you can help your body deal with removing these excess fat cells from the inside. This helps you rid your body of the damaged cells faster and more efficiently.

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How do slimming treatments work

Dieting tips

Taking a good hard look at what you put in your mouth can have a huge amount of benefits. Eating healthy after a slimming procedure can have even more! Here are some tips and suggestions to help you truly maximize the effect of your treatment!

1. Become best friends with your water bottle

Let’s be honest, hydration is extremely important in everyday life. However, what may not be obvious is the importance of drinking plenty of water after a slimming treatment. So why is it so essential? Well, it helps your body remove those fat cells damaged in the treatments even faster. This, in effect, speeds up the weight loss process.

If until now you’ve been having problems with your water intake, maybe drinking more water after a treatment will help you adopt this into your everyday routine. That would definitely be a win-win situation!

Dieting tips

Try to eat regularly

Eating regular meals is one the keys to an effective diet. Still, many of us don’t fully understand why. Well, it comes down to how your body works. If you don’t eat regularly, not only will your energy levels and concentration go down, you may end up eating twice as much during your next meal. 

Based on your individual preferences, it’s best to eat between three to six meals per day. Additionally, try not to go more than ten to twelve hours without food. Trust us, starving yourself really won’t work.

Tone down on food with a lot of sugar or salt

Such foods demand a lot from your body. They prevent the rapid metabolism of fats and disrupt your body’s natural cleansing processes. If you can, exclude them from your diet entirely (especially sugar) or limit them strongly.

Opt for natural supplements

Another way to help rid your body of the cells damaged after a treatment is incorporating herbal supplements into your diet. Choose supplements that can accelerate your metabolism and that contain extra vitamins and minerals. Of course, go for the supplements that are of natural origin. Read the labels!


The more effective the slimming treatment, the greater strain it can put on your body. Therefore, providing your body with an additional dose of antioxidants in your food is so important. Eat foods that are particularly rich in vitamin C and E, beta-carotene and selenium. Thankfully, most fresh and pickled vegetables, nuts, and seeds are high in antioxidants, so incorporating them into your diet shouldn’t be overly challenging.


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